This week I catch up with Mo Pinel, Technology Developer for Radical Bowling Technologies.  We discuss some of the possible changes in store regarding the equipment.  Mo shares his thoughts some of the things he believes we can expect if changes are made to equipment. Mo also talks about what he believes can be done to control scoring.

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  1. youthbowlingguy says:

    I feel that Mo hit the nail on the head precisely. This potential rule change doesn’t add up. What are they trying to accomplish? Lower scores? No effect at all other than for low rev bowlers. Makes no sense. Make balls hook less? That can be easily fixed in the pro shop. 5 year grandfather? Ball companies get smashed? 1-2 year grandfather? I’m mad because now my kids arsenal just became paper weights entirely too fast with not enough notice. Too much of my kids arsenal became a complete waist of money with only a 1 year grandfather clause.

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