Storm Collegiate Spotlight Podcast: Michael Kay

This week we catch up with Head Coach at St. Xavier University Michael Kay. Kay talks about his teams' early season win and how he hopes to continue to build on the program. We discuss recruiting in the Chicagoland area how he approaches the mental game. We talk about...

Storm Collegiate Spotlight Podcast: Bryanna Cote’

This week we catch up with reining PWBA Player of the Year Bryanna Cote'. Cote' shares her thought on winning the award and how she handles looking back at wins and losses. Bryanna shares her plans moving for the next few months as the PWBA Tour doesn't start up until...

Storm Collegiate Spotlight Podcast: Shannon Pluhowsky

This week we catch up PWBA Tour Championship winner Shannon Pluhowsky.  Pluhowsky joins us to put into words that win in Reno and her mindset heading into the semi-final match.  Shannon talks about her decision to step away from her role with the University of...

Mark Baker With Two Tips To Help You Break Out Of That Early Season Slump

This week I catch up with coaching great Mark Baker. Baker joins me to share tips for how to break out of a slump and how a slump is different based on a bowlers skill level. We also talk about how he has evolved as a coach and why he is a fan of coaching two-handed...

Storm Collegiate Spotlight Podcast: Maria Bulanova

This week we catch up former Vandy bowling standout Maria Bulanova. Bulanova discusses her time bowling in college and what lead her to bowling for Vanderbilt University. We also talk about her roll with the St. Francis College Brooklyn Women's Bowling team.  


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Three Strike Lines to Success

Three Strike Lines to Success

Many beginners may not know that there is more than one way to strike in a game.  Too often I see bowlers in...