October 2016 Ask Bob


Q. I have been in a slump for some time now. I have tried to practice more but the slump continues.
Do you have any idea’s on what I can do to break my slump?

A. You have to develop amnesia forget all the things that have been happening in your game. Do
what you can to regain your confidence. Go find a coach and take a lesson they might see a
problem with your game you didn’t know you had. And having something new to work on
can do wonders for your mental game. It gives you something else to think about besides your
bad bowling. Sometimes buying a new ball can help. This also serves as a distraction from your
problems with scoring. Keeps you busy watching the reaction of the new ball. Remember this
you have not forgotten how to bowl. You just need to relax and let your muscle memory take
control. I am not a believer in practice to break a slump, it is my belief that then you are just
practicing bad habits that will add to the frustration. I would rather take a week or two off
Then come back fresh with a brand new attitude. For me the harder I try the worse I get
Everyone is different so pick one of these you think might work for you.

Q. I have a 192 average and have been stuck here for 3 years. I would like to get to 200 what can
I do to attain that goal?

A. There are many things you can do to get to a 200 average from the 190’s. The first thing I would
do is get a coach. A coach can help you with both the physical game and the mental game it may
just be one small change you need to make to start scoring over 200. Make sure your spare game
is the best it can be. To average 200 from the 190’s only requires that you make one more spare
per game. I don’t know how much you practice but more practice can’t hurt and pick on your
problem spares. For instance shoot the 10 pin for an entire game. When you get it down pick
on another problem spare. Go to your pro shop and have them check your arsenal and ball fit to
make sure your fit is OK and see if you need some new equipment to help improve your carry.

Q. Have you ever gone to a ball company to see the operation first hand?

A. Many of you know I am a member of the Roto Grip amateur staff. Roto Grip is a subsidiary
of Storm. I just got home from a trip thru 13 states and on this trip I stopped by Storm
to visit for a ½ day and say hello to the people I only get to talk to on email or the phone. The
Storm motto is we are the bowlers company and I am here to tell you they mean it. I lost my
wife a few weeks ago and when I got there they treated me like family. I am just a bowler from
Oregon but to them I was a VIP. I feel very lucky to have a surrogate family like Storm. And
observing the plant while it is working you can feel the connection they have for all bowlers.
They are always looking to help bowlers improve. I got a sneak preview of a new product they
are working on. I believe it will be a help to many of you. I am not at liberty to say what it is as
it is not perfected but will soon be in pro shops. I can tell you it is not another ball. They are
always working to help their customers improve their game.
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