July 2015 Ask Bob





Q. I have been having a terrible time with my right side spares lately. I am right handed and usually a good spare shooter. Now all of a sudden I am pulling the ball and can’t seem to stop. Do you have any suggestions?
A. I love it when a question lines up with one of my own problems. I have been going through this same thing. Sometimes even if you think you have an answer it pays to ask for help. So I was bowling league the other day and mentioned my struggle with a friend who is a very good player. He watched a shot or two then asked me what I was targeting. I told him the arrows which is my normal target. He suggested I pull the spot back from the arrows and target the spots. Draw my imaginary line from the pins to that target. I tried this and good results were immediate. Looking out to the arrows was causing me to hang on to the ball too long causing a pull. Targeting closer got the ball out of my hand faster and the pull disappeared. I have done this before but sometimes we need a reminder. So give this a try and if that doesn’t do the trick don’t be afraid to ask a coach for help.

Q. I have been hitting the pocket as well as I ever have. My problem is the dreaded seven-ten split. I have been leaving what seems to me to be more than I should on good shots. What do you think the problem is? Is the centers oiling pattern the problem? Is there something I need to do to stop leaving this game killing split?

A. Leaving the pocket seven-ten split is not a problem that is caused buy the center. It is also not a good shot. The seven-ten I believe is a problem caused by the bowler. It is a weak hit caused either by an improper release or by missing your target. If you overturn the shot the ball will not react at the pins and hit weak. If you miss your target going out too far the ball loses it’s energy trying to recover and hit’s weak. If you miss inside and the ball does not get out of the oil in time to react a weak hit is the result. Sometimes we are just plain lined up in the wrong part of the lane to begin with and causing the ball to react too late. Could be anyone of these or a combination of a couple of these. It can also me a match up problem the incorrect ball surface for the shot. Most of the time however it is bowler caused by missing the intended target.
Q. I am a beginner bowler and have joined my first ever league. I want to get my own ball, bag and shoes. I am just out of high school and only working part time so money is a problem. If I can’t afford everything all at once what should I buy first?

A.. Go to the pro shop and ask them if they have any specials for a ball, bag and shoe combination. Being summer many pro shops have specials because summer is a slow time. If that is still too much to spend. I would get your shoes first. There are inexpensive starter bowling shoes for sale. The big plus is you don’t share them with 1000 other people and shoes are rented you can start saving the money you would spend on rental fees to purchase a ball and bag later. Welcome to our great game. Don’t forget to ask about lessons some centers do free lessons in the summer. It is important to get on the right track early and not have to many bad habits to break later.

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