We had 42 entries and paid 12 places, the last casher receiving $125.  12 Bowlers came back Sunday and bowled six more games with pins carrying over.  To make the top six it took +333 for 12 games or a 227.5 average.  The final six then bowled six more games with pins carrying over, and the top three would bowl stepladder.







The final three bowlers included Ty Schulze 3rd +434 Corey Husted +565 and Bryon Smith +567.  Cory beat Ty 266-218, setting up a Corey vs Bryon finals.  Corey needed two strikes and 9 pins to shut own Bryon, but a solid 10 stood on the 11th ball.  Bryon still needed to get up and double to win and buried all three shots, winning 230 to 223.






A big thank you to everyone who came out and bowled.