Webber @ ITC’s

1972335_852556688104641_2112506490_nBy Verity Crawley




What can I say? College bowling is something special. It’s something I can’t even put into words and none of you reading this will understand unless you have been through it. Your team mates are like family. And no matter who they are, where they are from, they will always be a part of you.
As lady warriors we felt we were so ready for the Intercollegiate Team Championships, this was the event we worked so hard for all year. All the hard work and determination, the hours and hours of practice. But unfortunately it didn’t turn out the way we had planned, they say everything happens for a reason. Sometimes I just wish I knew that reason. It was a double elimination format, losing our first match we were not disheartened.. It was time to come back fighting. We tried our best, we put all we could into our games but it just did not happen. There’s nothing we can do about it now but learn from what happened and become even stronger.
We had three seniors on our team, it is absolutely heartbreaking to know that their college career is now over. I may have only known them for two years, but like I said before.. They are like family to me. The mens team made it a little bit further then us so it was great to be able to cheer and support them, unfortunately they were knocked out too. It was a tough few days, we worked so hard for this event but didn’t achieve our goal. Nothing makes you stronger than losing and as a team we all know that there is a lot to learn from this event. I want to congratulate the teams who won, Robert Morris girls and Lindenwood guys.
Something that was amazing to watch was my team mate and more importantly friend, Diana Zavjalova in the singles. She shot 279 and 280 to win, an outstanding performance. She said that every shot she threw was for Webber, and every shot she threw, Webber was behind her 100%. Now that is something special.
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