Q. I have a problem with my hand sweating this causes me to drop the ball and I lose control. What can I do to stop this problem?

A. You can purchase a hand dry bag at your local pro shop. You can use a micro fiber towel. Make sure whatever you use make sure it does not have rosin in it. Sweat and rosin equals
Glue. Myself I use control grip from Master Products. It is a white powder and comes in a plastic bottle. It has no rosin in it and keeps your hand dry while maintaining a consistent
grip. Ask for it at your pro shop if they don’t have it they can order it from Master Products which is now owned by Storm. It is not too expensive and a bottle should last you for at
least a couple of seasons or more.

Q. I have a sore wrist it feels like tendonitis. The pain sort of radiates from the fingers on release. I have tried wrist braces but they are not comfortable to me. Do you have any suggestions as to what else I might try?

A. First get yourself to a Doctor and make sure you are not doing more damage to your tendons or wrist. If the Doctor clears you then ask him what anti-inflammatory pills
you can take to reduce pain while bowling. You could also try having a pinkie finger hole drilled in your bowling balls. This spreads out the weight of the ball in your hand
and the pinkie finger helps the other fingers carry the weight and reduces the stress on the other fingers at release.

Q. I am a beginner bowler and I love the game. I would like to get my own equipment but am on a limited budget. What should I purchase first? Also where should I go to get the best deal on bowling equipment?

A. The first purchase you should make is bowling shoes. They don’t have to be expensive and today’s bowling shoes come in many styles. Getting the shoes first makes the most
sense because every time you go bowl you have to pay a rental fee. Take the money you would have to pay for the shoes and save it toward a bowling ball and bag. Because you
are just beginning I would go to the pro shop where you bowl. Most of them carry shoes in stock and you can try them on. While you are looking at the shoes ask them about a
price for a package deal. Some pro shops will give discounts if you buy the ball, bag, and shoes together. The pro shops also may have lessons available and some might throw in a lesson or two with the new equipment. Don’t be afraid to ask most pro shops are very helpful.

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