Collegiate Bowling Life: An Introduction

By Verity Crawley

1972335_852556688104641_2112506490_nWho am I?

Hi everyone, I’m Verity Crawley, a 19 year old student athlete from Bournemouth, England.  I have spent pretty much my whole life bowling and now I am going to blog about it. I have  been in Florida since August 2012, studying a BSc in business administration in sports business management at Webber International University. I am part of the Webber bowling team. In 2013 we won the NAIA championships and just defended that feat again in 2014. The Webber  bowling team has only been around for 6 years and already has 6 national championships!  Just so you know a little bit about my bowling, I have played for Junior Team England winning  medals at events such as the World Sports Festival, Triple Crowns and the European Youth Championships. I have recently been selected to play at the World Youth Championships, in Hong Kong later this year.  I plan to blog about bowling, collegiate tournaments in America as well as back home in  England. So I hope you can find them somewhat interesting and informative!