Editors Note:  Thanks to Heather D’Errico for allowing me to post this article.  

Does Physical Training Affect the Biomechanics of Bowling?

By. Heather D’Errico

As I begin a series of “Fitness for Bowling” blogs….I know the bowling world seems to be quite divided on this topic. Many elite bowlers out there have already become fitness gurus as they have had positive outcomes from changing their lifestyles. Others are still stuck on the idea that bowling does not require additional exercise or training off the lanes and the greasy bowling alley food is just a part of the game. So let me explain some reasoning behind my advice now to get us on the same page. Bowling is a sport that anyone can do, regardless of fitness level, and it is quite amazing how so many styles of bowling can achieve success as understanding ball motion, lane play, and a tough mental game are vital components to being a successful bowler.  So why would physical training for bowling really be important?

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