Birthday Party Ideas for the Cheapskate in Your Life







We all know one – a person who counts every penny and refuses to spend anything unless they absolutely have to. Throwing a birthday party for a person like this can be really frustrating if you know that they are going to be spending the entire time complaining about how much everything is a waste of money. With these three thrifty birthday party ideas, you will have a counter argument for whatever complaint that cheapskate has.

1. Make Your Own Food

Making your own party treats is the best way to save some money. Drinks, wings and even the cake can be made at home and you can save a ton of money. Better yet, make the party a potluck and make your friends contribute something. Then you can eliminate some of the work for yourself while having a spread which offers a bunch of different types of food for everyone to enjoy.

2. Use the Dollar Store for Everything


Major dollar stores have a lot of things that you will need for a birthday party and you will save a ton of money. Dollar stores have fancy balloons, decorations, paper plates and plastic silverware. All of this will make it look like you spent a fortune decorating when you actually spend less on the decorations than you did on anything else. To have extra fun, decorate with some of the stuff they have at the dollar store which is especially strange or ugly to give everyone a laugh.

3. Consider a Bowling Party

Bowling is considered one of the go-to activities for kids’ parties for a reason.  It is cheap and you can bring a lot of people.  Celebrate the cheapskate in your life by getting them some equipment so they can go bowling whenever they want.  Balls, shoes and bowling ball bags can all be found pretty inexpensively online at a site like Bowlers Paradise.  This means you can give your special someone years of cheap stuff to do.