Editors Note: Below is a release from Vise Inserts CEO Jim Nesbitt 


1173891_10200853795039781_1024880558_nIf the tables were turned Tony would be the first one to help!!! This statement rang true throughout the bowling community, SPOT ON!!! Tony was a real professional and consistently gave of himself.


Because of your efforts, $55,000.00 was presented to Nicole Reyes at Bowl Expo. A DVD from the Tony Reyes Comedy Night at the San Jose Improv is now available. It is fantastic and expected to generate a $100,000.00 for the family. Trailers can be viewed online here. It is directed at bowlers and is really, really, really funny!!!


This DVD can be purchased for $10 each or 12 for $100, with 100% of the sales going to the Reyes family. I want everyone that reads this to buy at least 24 DVD’s. Sell them for $10 each and you will make $40 for your trouble. (You can print the attached flyer to help with sales.) This DVD features bowling stars Pete Weber, Randy Pedersen, Chris Barnes, Jackie Wyckoff, Max Epps and professional comedians Sandy Stec and Scott Henry.


TR DVD Sales Ideas

  • Walk the lanes and sell them individually, it will make a great stocking stuffer
  • Get your local Bowling Center, Lounge or pro shop to play it on loop to help sell it
  • Comedy is best with groups of people- Have a party in the lounge, fill the bar, charge admission, maybe get the proprietor to provide a drink special, fun stuff!!!! When they walk out, sell them a DVD to take home.

Please do what you can to spread the word and pass this around on your social media. If 500 people buy 24 DVD’s, it will raise $100,000 for the family. WOW!! Let’s make it happen!!!


The Tony Reyes Fundraiser was kicked off with Randy Pedersen and Kelly Kulick doing back to back VISE Progressive Pot Games. A VISE Progressive Pot Game is available to any bowling center and can be used in conjunction with a charity event or just to promote bowling.


For more details or to place an order, please contact Cecil Scarboro at 800-323-0039 or email him at [email protected].


Thank you for your continued support.


Best Regards,


Jim Nesbitt, CEO

Exactacator, Inc.