How to Prim, Polish, and Maintain Your Bowling Ball

If you want your bowling ball to always look its best, you need to put some effort into taking care of it. Simple gestures such as always carrying it around in a bowling bag will have an impact in the end. If you don’t, your ball will not only start to look a little worse for wear, but it will also play differently. It will start to lose its hook and your bowling performance will begin to take a dive. In order to prevent this from happening, here is what you must do.


pic 11. Know what kind of ball you have
This is an easy, but important first step. There are different types of bowling balls available and they come with particular maintenance needs. The bowling ball can be made out of hard plastic, reactive resin or have a pearl coverstock. The kind you have will dictate how often it should be cleaned. Typically, around six games is the maximum amount of time you should wait before cleaning, but this timeframe is much shorter for plastic balls.

pic 22. How to clean
In order to clean your bowling ball, you will need a plush cotton towel or a terrycloth towel to absorb all of the oil. You take a good bowling ball cleaner and spray it all over the ball, then use the towel to wipe it off in circular motions. Repeat the process until you covered the entire surface of the ball and the cleaner has dried.



pic 33. Use polish
Once the cleaning process is done, your ball should look more like it did when it was new. To complete the appearance, you can try out various polishes or factory finishes which will have an effect on the surface of the bowling ball.
One way to look after your ball is to keep it in a good bag, like the ones you can find at This will not only keep it protected, but it will be much easier for you to carry it around.