wwrWelcome bowling fans to the post Bowl Expo edition of Striking Spotlight. In my last article you may recall I had referenced the PBA50 Senior U.S. Open and USBC Senior Masters. As I was in Las Vegas for my league’s sweeper that was also hosted at the South Point the day before the USBC Senior Masters started. We did make plans to stay a few extra days so Amber and I can watch the action. One thing that I have noticed is within the last two years the “rookies” bowling senior events are a number of guys that I grew up watching on Saturday mornings such as Tom Baker, Mike Edwards, Bob Learn Jr, Pete Weber and Walter Ray Williams just to name a few.  Now with that being said the USBC Senior Masters have been won by Mike Edwards (2012) and Pete Weber (2013) in their “rookie” year. The PBA50 U.S. Open was won by rookie Amleto Monacelli in 2012 and he went on to defend that title as he won in 2013 as well. When eligible to compete in senior events are players like Amleto Monacelli, Walter Ray Williams and Pete Weber that are still competing against the young guns on the National PBA Tour changing the dynamic of the senior events?  Now by no means am I taking anything away from the likes of Bob Kelly, Ron Mohr, Eric Forkel and Kenny Parks to just name a few. I just wish there was more exposure for the PBA50 other than the 1 ESPN show later in November Theses are the players that were the top players on the PBA Tour in the late 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s and they are still stars on the PBA50. Looking forward to who is eligible for next year you have the likes of Del Ballard, Parker Bohn and Norm Duke. The future of the PBA50 & senior events look bright and I cannot wait till they start back up again in August.

On a personal and sad note I would like to dedicate this issue to the late Barry Gurney. Barry passed away late Tuesday night after a battle with cancer. For those that did not know Barry he was a 4 time Champion on the PBA50 tour, 3 PBA50 regional titles and 1 regular PBA regional title to his credit. I had the pleasure of being on staff with this great man and had the chance to meet him earlier this year when I competed in the Laughlin Cup in Laughlin, NV. Barry had some great stories and was up for sharing and talking bowling. I saw this quote on facebook and thought it would be fitting. “Looks like Earl, Dick and Tony have some competition”.

Till next time stay Happy, Healthy and Bowling.

Brian Hirsch

Brian Hirsch grew up in Bronx, New York. After moving to Arizona and seeing bowling on TV there was something about it that brought him to the lanes that next Saturday and to this day the PASSION for the sport is still there!!!! Off the lanes you’ll find Brian cheering on the New York Yankees! When not working, Brian can be found Coaching, working at Bowling with LEVERAGE Pro Shops and spreading the word about Bowling. Brian is a proud member of the MOTIV Bowling & Turbo Grips Staff’s.

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