Synopsis for Success at the 2013 USBC Open Championships:

By. Derek Petty

Having read and listened to multiple resources about the Open Championships, all have been reliable with regards to ball layouts, ball surfaces and the balls to use. Execution and following the transition are the keys to high scores. Below is a synopsis of what might work.
The formula of subtract 31 from the pattern distance holds true for both of these patterns. Each individual’s games will determine how you get there, but you have to be confident when moves are required to move zones and arrows, not simply boards at a time. There is no need to groove or burn a shot in during Team event – simply have fun and bowl great. In minors it is encouraged that everyone plays outside as long as possible to build up the shot and the hold for the pattern. Multiple teams have tried different techniques to break the lanes down, some were successful and some were not.
For equipment, use ball surfaces that will not eat up the front of the pattern (surfaces of 1000 & 200 are efficient for team event, while 2000 & 4000 are efficient for Minors). Recommend balls that have low Mass Biases (.050 ish) with lower Differentials; the reason, you want the balls to roll through the pattern, not (right or left angle) hook up leaving the pattern.

Remember to stay in the moment – one shot at a time. Now go out and win an eagle.