Mark Miller worked in public relations/publications for the United States Bowling Congress and its predecessors. He is an authority on bowling past and present having been called the “Fountain of Bowling Knowledge.” He was assistant editor for Bowling Magazine, edited the Bowler’s Guide instructional and educational book and helped start U.S. Bowler and U.S. Youth Bowler magazines. He has been quoted in most major newspapers nationwide including USA Today, the Los Angeles Times and New York Times. He also helped establish the new International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame in Arlington, Texas.  Mark joins us to discuss what can be done to help the perception of bowling change.  Mark also shares his thoughts on why bowling is different when when it comes to putting us money as an amateur and the gambling aspects associated with bowling.  Mark also shares the why he decided to write a book on the history of bowling.  Buy Mark’s book here, and be sure to check out Mark’s Examiner articles here.