Rick Wiltse joins us this week to provide tips for you to improve your game.   Rick is a silver-certified coach down at the Kegel Training Center.   Rick has been coaching bowling since age 15 and he has studied the game with legends such as Bill Bunetta and Bill Lillard.  Most recently he has spent time working with and learning from top professionals and coaches such as Norm Duke , Wes Malott, Del Ballard, Jr., Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, Chris Barnes, Linda Barnes, Bob Learn, Jr., Diandra Asbaty, Carmen Salvino, Dr. Dean Hinitz, Susie Minshew, and Rich Williams.  Rick has some tips for you if you muscle the bowling ball, and a few very specific drills you can do to work on creating a free arm swing.  We also discuss swing plane issues and why it is something that most bowlers struggle with, and how to correct that in your game.  Seniors listen up Rick also has a tip or two for you on how to generate more ball speed.