Greetings and Salutations! Welcome to this week’s edition of Striking Spotlight. This week we are going to talk about the state of Bowling. So over the past year we have seen “Save Bowling”, Pre-recorded Professional Bowling telecasts and now facebook is being flooded with the Stop House Shots page and Vin Gerard. I know this is a game/Sport but first and foremost for me how can anybody take “US” the bowlers seriously if our Tour is pre recorded or worse only available to be watched if you have xtra Frame? I like the WSOB event but I think any PBA should be live; I do realize there is a HUGE savings of taping 8 shows and showing them 2 months after the event, but most of the time I forget that it’s even on. Moving onto the Save Bowling Campaign from Hammer Bowling here is a quote from Jeff Ussery Hammer Brand Manager “It’s time to stand up for the sport that we all love! Someone has to do it. The number of people bowling, the number of tournaments, it all keeps heading south. We’re tired of watching it continue to spiral downward.” It will take more than one Ball Company to “save” Bowling but again it starts with just one and I hope that others will see it for what it is and help each other before there is nothing to save. 3 out of 4 sanctioned league bowlers have quit the game over the past 30 years! Why? What happened? It’s obvious that the centers care more about the open bowlers. A little bit of support for the league bowlers from the house would be nice. Let’s start our very own movement right here right NOW, Let’s get more youth involved with leagues and our league bowlers more involved with the associations. We can do it and it starts with you!