This past Sunday I attended a Ball Demo hosted by Ebonite International.  Ebonite International has taken in a lot of companies under their umbrella recently, and had all of their brands on display to try out.  The Ebonite International family consists of Ebonite, Hammer, Columbia 300, and Track.  Each brand has a very different look both visually, and the way they react on the lanes.  I will discuss why it is important to attend ball demos in your area, and what you can learn from attending one of these events in your area.

There are many reasons to attend a ball demo in your area.  One of the major reasons to attend a ball demo is to see if you can find something that is missing from your arsenal.  The one thing I really liked about the Ebonite International Demo was that they had the 3 top performing balls in each of their brands.  The nice thing about this was that you could try out the most aggressive piece they had to offer, and work your way down.  The other great thing about the demo was that they laid out two patterns on the lanes so you could experiment with each ball on a 38 foot shot, and a 42 foot shot.  Understanding your equipment and knowing what will and will not work on tournament patterns is crucial to your success. The second reason I feel as though it is extremely important to attend a ball demo is to learn about all of the different brands, and equipment out there.  It is extremely important to understand what your competitors are using and how it affects the lane play that day.  If all of the competitors are using dull aggressive equipment it causes the lane to break down much faster than if your competitors use shiny weak equipment.  The third reason and probably one of the most important reasons to attend a ball demo is to talk to the professionals that attend these events.  Being able to pick the brain of ball reps, and professional bowlers is priceless information.

I had the privilege to be able to speak with the Hall of Famer Jason Couch and appreciated all of his insights on the game.  I asked Jason a variety of detailed questions about the game of bowling, and really wanted to know what he thought was the biggest thing amateurs struggle with to get them to that next level.  Jason explained there were two things he repeatedly sees as he travels the county that amateur bowlers struggle with to get to that next level, not following through at the foul line, and bowlers dropping your shoulder.  He explained that not following through, and dropping your shoulder will cause the ball to be pulled to the inside of your swing.

Please comment below if you would like me to discuss more about the conversation with Jason, or the equipment I tried, and my reviews on them.  We appreciate your comments and want to help take your bowling game to that next level.

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