Greetings and Salutation Bowling Friends. Welcome back to this week’s Striking Spotlight blog.

With the PBA season just under a month and a half away their looks like there will be a few bowlers representing different companies this coming year. This past week seemed like a trade deadline in MLB or the NBA. The news from the 900 Global camp is that 900 Global/AMF/3G will not be registering for the PBA in any form this season. So what will happen to their Pro Staff which is made up of Missy Parkin, Michael Haugen Jr, Brian Voss and Robert Smith? Here is what 900 Global’s Eric Thomas had to say.

“900 Global/AMF/3G will not be registering for the PBA in any form this season. That goes for national and regional competition. We have contemplated this decision every year and this year we have made the decision to stand our ground. I could give you a very long drawn out explanation but in short let’s just say the registration fees FAR outweigh the value they provide. We want to support the PBA, the players and bowling at a professional level but the money we spend each year could be spent better in so many different ways then how it is currently. The fact is the fees they charge to serve such a small group and then the benefits we are given as a sponsor just do not make any sense. We will be spending this money in other ways that will benefit more bowlers on a wider range and thus help spread our name and our products performance in a more justifiable manor.”

Robert Smith had this posted on his facebook to his fans earlier last week.

“I have decided to drop my PBA card. This was not an easy decision but I feel that for where I am in my life, it is the right move. There are 2 reasons why. First one is still my body. It still hurts when I bowl, and among other ailments like shoulder, hip and etc the grind would kill me, even if the tourneys are more spread out. Second and this is the biggest reason. I have been going to Japan for 10 years now and I have built up a very good reputation there. 900 global and our distributor AMF Daifuku have put a lot of work to get our name out and in the main stream. I feel if I were to keep my card, throwing other companies equipment for PBA, then promoting 900 all other times seems to be a bad move all the way around. 900 Global and I have struck up a 2 year contract to keep me on staff. I feel that even though the company is moving on, they are definitely not going to be quiet. They are in a strange spot also with the events that have taken place over the last 96 hours, and we are trying to come up with ideas and plans to make sure we are still viable and a leader in the industry.”

Ebonite International dropped the news on Friday that they have come to a deal with Missy Parkin to a Four Brand Contract. Ebonite International has increased the strength of its PBA staff by signing the first woman PBA member, Missy Parkin, Lake Forest, Calif., to a staff contract. Parkin, a member of the PBA since 2004, joined the organization after graduating from Cal State Fullerton, where she was named Collegiate Bowler of the Year in 2003. Not only one of six women who have won a Regional title, Parkin was the first woman to earn two, a record currently tied with Ebonite staff player Kelly Kulick. Parkin cites the support of Ebonite International for women’s bowling as her motivation for joining the team. “Ebonite International has always been a major supporter in promoting and growing women’s bowling, an area which the industry desperately needs to support,” she explained.

“Missy has an impressive resume of successes in a short time,” said Jim Cormier, VP of Marketing for Ebonite International. “She’s a great fit for our team, and we’re looking forward to helping her to be even more successful in the future.”

That will leave Haugen and Voss as the last 2 of the Pro Staff that currently do not have a staff affiliation to start the PBA season. I am sure that their talking with other ball companies and will do what will be right for them.

Another change coming from the woman’s side is the departure of Ashly Galante from MOTIV Bowling to Storm Bowling. There was no official press release that I could find at this time other than Ashly’s facebook page.

“Hey everyone I just wanted to let everyone know that I am no longer on staff with Motiv. Motiv is a good company with great people! I have been currently throwing storm balls! They are rolling great for me. Thank you Storm for all of your help!”

I am sure we will see more movers and shakers in the next few months… Will your favorite player be throwing a new brand…???

Till next time get out there and throw the rocks!