This week we are joined from Budapest by Joe Slowinski.  Joe is a  USBC Gold Coach,  BJI Top 100 Coach,  IBPSIA Certified Pro Shop Technician, and PBA Member, be sure to check out Joe’s website here.    We spend a fair portion of our interview discussing Joe’s piece in the BTM titled,”Shape Shifting: Matching Ball Motion Shapes to Maximize Margin of Error”.  The article in its entirety can be read here.  Joe also talks about the number one thing you need to remember if you want to succeed as a team.  We end by hitting briefly on how important your mental game is, and why bowlers need to DYDS.






  1. Jerry says:

    In the Joe Slowinski feed, he talks about dropping your shoulder. I am here to tell you as a USBC coach, when I began dropping my shoulder, my game increased in efficiency of motion and scoring more than i could ever imagines. Bowling since 22 years of age, I learned the old school way, straight shoulder. My average was in the 210-2teens. My average, composite with travel league tournaments etc, last season, 223. This year my average is 240. And at 62 I feel my game is better than every. Thanks for the tips and thanks for such a great site gentlemen.

  2. Shuu Mai says:

    Each session with Slowinski should be a few hours long! He has so much to share. This was like an overview. ^_^

  3. Kappasheno says:

    What a refreshing interview. Please have him on again. Coach Joe is amazing in the way he describes what average bowlers can do to improve their game. Thanks again for having him on and I definitely will be looking forward to more Podcasts with Joe.

  4. Jan Passies says:

    In the first week of september this year I was a student in a clinic with coach Joe Slowinski in Naples.
    This coach is breathing bowling and he has a PROGRAM .From the base of the DYDS philosophy to resurfacing bowlingballs,from release adjustments to lanetransition ,from biomechanics to merntal bowling this man/clinic had it all.And all this in a way ,everyone understands
    Chapeau for Mr Joe Slowinski

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