This week we chat with silver certified coach Bill Hall.   Bill talks about his reaction to the “Top 10 Bowlers Hurt by Resin“, and Top 10 Bowlers Helped by Resin.  We also discuss Bill’s thoughts on how things went at the Showcase Lanes in Baton Rouge.  Bill also talks about the key thing you need to focus on if you take too much time off.  Bill touches on why it is impossible to oil the lanes for bowlers from a certain area of the country.  Bill also talks about why being accurate can actually hurt your game.   We dive into why the PBA Tour patterns are easier now than they were back in the 80’s, and if a bowler should be allowed to break down the lanes to their liking.  If you have a question about your game for Bill email me, [email protected].  Also check out Bill’s site for coaching information.