In the next few articles to come I will be revisiting an article I started in May and continue to discuss my summer PBA Experience League, specifically the Carmen Salvino pattern this week.   To see my previous article on my PBA Experience League please visit here.  My PBA Experience League was again setup as an 11 week league in which you learned 5 PBA patterns, and had the opportunity to bowl the patterns on back to back weeks, so you could learn from your previous week.

In my third week of the league we were given the opportunity to bowl on the Carmen Salvino pattern.  This pattern is 40 feet in length, and according the PBA has multiple angles to attack from.  While I did see some players bump way inside the majority of successful players played around the track area.  I personally started at the 23 board, and targeted the 15th board at the arrows while having a breakpoint down lane of 9.  One thing I really learned quickly about bowling on a sport pattern is that your speed and accuracy have to be spot on in order to have a good day on the lanes.  I really struggled on weeks three and four on the Carmen Salvino Pattern.  I honestly felt as though it was an easier pattern than the TOC pattern I had played on previously, but really struggled on my first ball to have the right speed and consistency I was looking for on the spares.

One of the greatest things about bowling in the PBA Experience league I bowled in was being able to pick the brain of the USBC gold coach, Bill Monce.  Bill noticed both my errors on hitting the target at the arrows, and consistent missing of spare conversions.  Bill noted I was really grabbing the ball at the bottom of my swing causing the ball to come left off of my hand.  He worked with me for almost an hour after league and changed my setup at the very beginning, and gave me a variety of drills to free up my arm swing.  Basically we realigned my right foot at a 45 degree angle to open my right side to help the ball get into the swing and project it out on the lane further.  In addition we really worked on transferring the weight of the ball from left hand into my right as it started the swing.  As always when trying something new it felt incredibly uncomfortable, and did not feel like it was right.  I continued to struggle with this for the next few weeks, but continued to persistent as I really feel as though the summer is a time to work on your game and not worry about scoring as much.  I will definitely say that getting the opportunity to work with a coach is well worth the investment, and I strongly suggest that if you are looking to take your game to the next level , to get in touch with a knowledgeable coach. will be having a certified coach added to the staff in the near future, so stay tuned for that.

We appreciate your comments regarding on all of our articles here at, and want to help take your bowling game to that next level.  So if you have an article idea, products you would like us to try or simply need help in your game free to email us anytime.  In addition if you have specific questions regarding my PBA Experience I would be happy to discuss this with you.  My email address is [email protected].  I will do my best to respond as soon as possible to your inquiry.

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