The Inaugural Ace Mitchell Team Challenge & The Proprietors Cup took place on Friday July 13th with over 40 teams that took to the lanes for the $10,000 prize; winning the event by 18 pins was the Ebonite All Stars team made up of Kelly Kulick, Mike Shady, Marc McDowell, Jason Couch and Dave Wodka. Since this was a company sponsored team they will receive $5,000 and the highest amateur team picking up the other $5,000 was Get R Dun who finished 2nd in the event behind the Ebonite All Stars.

Moving onto the Main event “The Proprietors Cup” that took place July 14th & 15th started off with a bang which is great because there were some people out there saying that people will not show up for this event. Billy Eysoldt using the “If you build it they will come” philosophy to show the ones that said it could not be done…That it could! There were 55 entries at $1,100 each; the action was crazy, as The Proprietors Cup eclipsed the $100,000.00 mark after paying out the prize funds, brackets, and jackpots!

“It was a very special weekend for me, watching my dream tournament unfolds” said Billy. “I have to thank all those who helped and supported this event, without the help of the industry, proprietors, managers, and all the bowlers who participated in satellites, this event would not have taken off.”

They said that a woman cannot beat a man on a house shot but when it all came down to the final match it was Shannon Pluhowsky, the lone woman of the 55 entrants, and Brandon Novak. Shannon opened the match with the front 4 on her way to a 226 win over Brandon’s 182. Shannon picks up the win and the $15,950, Brandon will settle for 2nd place and $9,900.

Brian Hirsch grew up in Bronx, New York. After moving to Arizona and seeing bowling on TV there was something about it that brought him to the lanes that next Saturday and to this day the PASSION for the sport is still there!!!! Off the lanes you’ll find Brian cheering on the New York Yankees at every chance he can! When not working, Brian can be found Coaching, working at Bowling with LEVERAGE Pro Shops and spreading the word about Bowling, Brian is a proud member of the MOTIV, Turbo and High 5 Gear Staff. Please follow me on Twitter @Onefrombills