Striking Spotlights…A Very Busy Summer

By Brian Hirsch

Greetings from Reno Nevada and the 2012 International Bowl expo, I sure hope we all had a great 4th of July! I started doing this month’s article while I found some down time during the Meetings, Bowling Woman’s US Open and Bowl Expo and it has giving me some time to reflect on the past month of Bowling. It started in Las Vegas during the PBA Senior US Open where we saw Mike Edwards bowling in his 1st senior event and finishing in 3rd place. Mike will go onto win in his 2nd ever senior event the very next week in the USBC Senior Masters, BUT wait what history was made in the Senior Open you ask… well it was that it was won by Amleto Monacelli the first Non-American to win in the history of this event. Moving to the end of June there was more history being made in Reno as Robin Romeo added another green jacket to her collection as she won the 2012 Bowling’s Senior US Woman’s Open and now is the first woman to have won both the US Woman’s Open in 1989 and the Senior Woman’s Open here in 2012. So the heated topic from the 2012 Bowling’s U.S. Women’s Open from under the iconic Reno Arch in Reno was all the dust and dirt that made its way onto the lanes and made playing the lanes very tough and produced very low scores. As I feel the setting was great and I would like to see Major events outdoors or in arena’s more. The PBA did a summer series outside Six Flags, USBC held the Masters at Miller Park, Last year’s Bowling’s U.S. Women’s Open from the 50 yard line at Cowboy’s Stadium and who can forget the 2000 BPAA US Open from the Veteran’s Coliseum in Phoenix.

Brian Hirsch grew up in Bronx, New York. After moving to Arizona and seeing bowling on TV there was something about it that brought him to the lanes that next saturday and to this day the PASSION for the sport is still there!!!! Off the lanes you’ll find Brian cheering on the New York Yankees at every chance he can! When not working, Brian can be found Coaching, working at Bowling with LEVERAGE Pro Shops and spreading the word about Bowling, Brian is a proud member of the MOTIV, Turbo and High 5 Gear Amateur Staff’s