This week we continue our talk with the president and CEO of MoRich Enterprises Mo Pinel. All this month Mo will be with us to discuss dual angel drilling, and what can be done to learn about ball motion. We next talk to Mo about the three phases a bowling ball goes through off your hand. Mo and Joey talk about why should NOT want to see your ball hook into the pocket, and really how much the cover stocks matter. Check out Mo’s website for more information on where you can get more information on ball drilling and take a class. Mo and Joe talk about what the ball driller must do when a customer walks into the shop., and what a customer wants when looking for a new ball. Be sure to like Above 180 on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.



  1. Creighton says:

    Hey great show guys! I love that you decided to address this topic. I’ve been a strong advocate of educating players on equipment selection to increase their success, and this series that you’ve put together is a perfect avenue to educate bowlers coming into the pro shop and having a clearer understanding of how to effectively communicate with the ball driller on duty.

    My only criticism is this….

    That you stay more focused on the topic at hand!!!

    I’ve listened to the first two show, and pulled some very valuable nuggets of information from both. But at the same time i find myself having to weed out alot of the “storytelling” in the process.

    And my frustration stems from listening to “two old fishin buddies, spinning yarns about the catches of old” rather than the heart of the matter which is educating bowlers on how layouts relate to their overall ball reaction.

    And i say this only because,

    Mo Pinel is the GOD of all that is Ball Drilling and Layouts, and knowing Joey personally (as hes my Ball Driller!!) he is experienced and extremely knowledgeable (to the point of sheer brilliance), my expectations for this series are exceptionally high at this point.

    Consequently, it was way too easy for me to tune out at some points because you guys are digressing about some things that may relate to ball reaction, but doesn’t relate to how layout affects ball reaction…

    Example: In part 2, Mo begins to discuss the phases of ball motion (which is awesome) how drill angle and surface affects the first transition of skid, and then Joey interjects with a question about RG/ and Diffs, and then there a 25 min rant about entry angle, hitting power, and carry percentage…(which is also great) but kinda beyond the scope of what the topic is at this moment…

    And don’t get me wrong, i fully understand how much entry angle, hitting power, and carry percentage is affected by ball motion and layouts, …

    but for alot of the folks tuning in, i imagine there was some confusion about how hitting power and entry angle tie in to what the topic/title of the series is….

    If you had 2 hours to do this, im sure you both would have brought the conversation back full circle, as you had done in the last 8 mins of the podcast of pt 2, when you finally got back to discussing how Drilling angle and surface affects skid phase….

    I just ask that you guys stay a little more focused on Layouts and its affects on Ball motion and what a bowlers should look for when selection and laying out a ball, and save the other stuff for future shows.

    Because its all valuable information that every bowler should know. Its just, with this sport growing more complex by the minute, Bowlers are getting more and more confused about the options (that are growing by the second it seems) that are available to them, in order to be successful on the lanes.

    A clear cut focus on the topic at hand is more feasible when working with a 30 minute show…This would help us bowlers out alot. You guys are both brilliant bowling minds, so we’re gonna be hanging on every word you say anyways, if you could please make sure the words pertain to the topic, that would help us greatly…. But again GREAT TOPIC AND GREAT SHOW GUYS!!!

  2. tom berish says:

    I am the mentioned older bowling rat from Memphis. And it surprised me how much sooner i should see the ball hook in order to increase my strike percentage. I absolutely tried to see a 1980s entry angle look. I was doing everything i could to delay the balls rolling (hook phase). I get it now. Thanks Mo

  3. Gary Parsons says:

    GREAT show. Without the use of visuals, this is about the clearest explantion of ball motion “for dummies” I have heard. Can not get better.

    One note- due to population demographics- do NOT look for any major sustained recovery until until the early to mid 2020s. And no “plan” by ANY of the politicans/”leaders” can change this. FACT city. Lets hope the US can hang on.

    Look forward for the next show.

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