This week we continue our talk with the president and CEO of MoRich Enterprises Mo Pinel. All this month Mo will be with us to discuss dual angel drilling, and what can be done to learn about ball motion.  We begin segment three talking about VAL angles and PAP distance.  We talk about why longer pins allow more flexibility for your ball driller. We hit on weight-holes and what can be accomplished by using a weight-hole. Mo also talks about what you need to take to your pro shop operator when looking for a new bowling ball.  Check out Mo’s website for more information on where you can get more information on ball drilling and take a class. Mo and Joe talk about what the ball driller must do when a customer walks into the shop., and what a customer wants when looking for a new ball. Be sure to like Above 180 on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.  Also send all your questions to [email protected] as we will be answering all your questions in our final installment of our “Ball Drilling For Dummies segment”.