This week we talk to the president and CEO of MoRich Enterprises Mo Pinel.  Mo joins us to begin our month long “Ball Drilling for Dummies” series.  All this month Mo will be with us to discuss dual angel drilling, and what can be done to learn about ball motion.  We begin by addressing why we are doing this series, and what all three of us are hoping to accomplish.  Check out Mo’s website for more information on where you can get more information on ball drilling and take a class.   Mo and Joe talk about what the ball driller must do when a customer walks into the shop., and what a customer wants when looking for a new ball.    Be sure to like Above 180 on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.


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  1. PGPlemmons1102 says:

    Awesome segment fellas! I have loved bowling for over half of my life (over 50 yrs old now) and I still have no idea how to explain to a pro shop operator or totally understand what the best drilling layout should look like for me when I go into a pro shop. If learning something from Mo can help make other bowlers and myself more knowledgeable about the sport and its terminology, I can’t see how that can hurt. We can’t afford to have the “my rice bowl” attitude when the sport is always struggling for respectability. I’m probably below average at golf on my best day and don’t play very much anymore, but I still enjoy watching the instructional shows on the Golf Channel and how folks like Michael Breed and Martin Hall are willing to share their knowledge with the golfing public. If there were any weekly shows about the sport of bowling, different bowlers, equipment they use, why they use it, and notable instructors explaining different intricacies that might be helpful to all levels of bowlers and it would be something I would definitely watch.

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