This week I would like to discuss the 2011-2012 Player of the Year, and ask the simple question did the best bowler win?  Back in mid April I asked who should win, Sean Rash, Jason Belmonte, or Mike Fagan? I stated that Sean Rash should win simply because of his repeatability to get into the top ten, and winning the T.O.C. major title.

After taking a considerable look at the stats, this race could not have been any closer.  The voting for the Player of the Year turned out to be just as close.   Mike Fagan won two titles one which was a major, was second for average on the year, and was third for earnings.  Jason Belmonte won three titles, no majors, third for average on the year, was second in earnings, and had one of only two televised 300’s.  Sean Rash won one major title, was first on average, and first in earnings.

With that being said what is more important winning titles, having the best average, or winning the most amount of money.  Personally I feel as though Sean Rash did earn the Player of the Year award, for several reasons.  One major reason I feel as though Sean deserved this award is due to the fact that he had the highest average on the tour.  Sean bowled in almost every tournament possible this year, and showed that he could perform at a high level week in and week out, on every variety of patterns out there.  I feel as though earnings are important as well, but winning a major is much more important than winning a non major, as the best bowlers will always compete in a major.  I can definitely see all sides to this story as someone will definitely argue that winning the most titles are important.  I want to congratulate all of the top 3 finalists for the player of the year, as they all deserve to be praised and rewarded for having great seasons.  The beauty of this is that these guys are young, and will be competing against one another for many years to come.

Who do you think should have won the Player of the Year award?  What’s most important to you having the highest average, making the most money, winning the most titles, or winning the most major titles?

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