This is dedicated for all the men and women who fought, died and were wounded for our freedom.  We here at Positive Access point and are proud to honor our soldiers. Without their bravery and commitment to the freedoms of this country we wouldn’t have the freedom we have today. We bowl our weekly leagues and our tournaments but how often do we stop and consider those who have given up their body and their hearts for the freedom we have to bowl?
Recently at Ft. Meade, MD an event was held to benefit the Wounded Warrior program.  The event was done with no fanfare, no media blitz, it was just done for the good of our injured and transitioning soldiers that have come home. Two major bowling companies recently sponsored an event at the base by giving the soldiers balls, shoes and coaching. The ‘warrior transition unit’ helps soldiers “Transition“ either to civilian life or back into active duty.  Col. Ed Rothstein is the insulation commander for Ft. Meade and heads up the ‘warrior transition unit’.  Many of these brave soldiers have traumatic injuries which makes things we take for granted more difficult and life altering.  Many of these soldiers have special needs and bowling is a great way to get back to a normal life and a healthier life. “Team Meade” as the Col calls it, is a way to bring the community of Ft. Meade together and he is very proud of the bowling center there.  As the colonel says “ its all about the recreation and the smile on their face”.   People taking care of each other because it’s the right thing to do, them for us and we for them.
Storm bowling donated 60 balls for the event and Dexter donated the bowling shoes. Individual coaching was provided as well.  “ PAY IT FORWARD” is the motto here. Many of these soldiers will stick with bowling and others were just there for the fun of it all.  No matter why they were there, it is great way to pay tribute to those who gave more than just their time for us. We didn’t get any scores from Saturday but the colonel put a challenge out that he wanted to see a few 200’s.  I am sure that they will do everything to make his challenge come to life. If you have it within your means, it would be great to just put out to your local houses to sponsor a similar event.  Volunteering to help with it would be great too.  To all our soldiers …  Thank You,  So very much.  Have fun bowling and welcome home.