The Swinging Arms.  The Chinese believe that if you swing your arms you can get rid of a head ache.  As a group, the bowlers group suffers the least from typical headaches.  Excluding migraines, if you have the beginnings of a headache and don’t like to take pills, you can go bowl a few practice games.  Although I would stay away from ‘Rock an Bowl’ or ‘Cosmic’.
As most bowlers know, the game of bowling is 90% mental.  Concentration is a major part of the game.  Did you know that an abstract or fleeting thought take up less than 10%
of  your brain power and even less for a daydream.  A distinctive and purposeful thought takes up to 35% of your brain just to think on a single concentrated thought.  With  that, remember to fuel your brain as well as your body.  Your brain uses 1/3rd of the nutrition that your body takes in even though it is only 1/5th of your bodies mass.
To improve your game and be consistent you need enough games to gain something called muscle memory.  However, muscle memory is also stored in the brain, I mean that is where it starts.  To help your memory overall, drinking a glass of Blueberry juice will increase your memory and in essence help with muscle memory as well.  Things like ginkoba and such can take as much as 6 months to a year to produce minimal effects and must be taken every day.  A 6 oz. glass of blueberry juice two or three times a week will do the trick.  As well as a being beneficial to your health overall.
Injuries to your hands
When bowling a long tournament or a series of games it is quite common to end up with hand lesions.  The thumb can be vulnerable to shrinking and swelling.  If your thumb hasn’t developed a natural callus or even if it has, the top of the thumb can rip open or the skin can come off altogether.  If this happens protect it however you see fit until the tournament if over.  Whether it be ‘New Skin’, thumb sock, band aid or super glue.  When you get home is the important thing.  Soak your thumb in warm (not hot) water to draw out any excess fluids that have built up and to remove any foreign objects (i.e. Super glue),  then break open a vitamin E pill and cover the wound site with it.  After you spread the vitamin E over the wound, cover it with a clean nonstick bandage that completely covers the area.  This will keep the skin soft and allow it to heal properly with out developing a large scab and thus a large callus to form.  Repeat each night until the wound site has healed over and closed.  Then leave open so your body can do the rest.  If you reopen the wound, redo the process.
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