Time for Summer, fun in the sun and poolside barbeques. It s also time to work on a few things in your bowling game. Summer is a perfect time to get out there and try some thing’s you haven’t tried before in the long winter season. Like the height of  your swing or a new step pattern.  Don’t let this time of year be about taking time off , this can be bad for your game.  Instead why not do a few things we are going to discuss here.
Summer months can be hot and humid what a perfect time to be inside taking advantage of the air conditioned bowling centers. If you choose a summer league some of the centers are offering fun leagues.  Such as our house here is doing a carnival league which offers one game of no-tap, one of 3-6-9 and one of regular bowling. This could be a perfect time for bowlers to prep for tournaments or new skills and to not take the competition so seriously and work on relaxing while competing for fun.
Bowl in a few small tournaments. Often houses offer No-Tap tournaments which for those of you in the average range of 130-180 is a great way to learn competitive bowling against the better bowlers since No-Tap is the equalizer with you handicap. Most tournaments have a handicap of  90% of 220, so if you shoot well in no tap say a 250 with your handicap it will be 280+,  a high average would have to shoot that scratch. This is a great way to get experience in tournaments without the cost of a major tournament. The average cost of these types are around $10-40 bucks and it is good for your game, competitive spirit and confidence.
Try somewhere new.  Bowling in the same house can limit your ability to adjust, since the house usually only offers the same old house shot day in and out. Go to other houses if possible and learn, even if it is a different house shot, you can experience how it breaks down and be better for it.  Make a mini bowling vacation out of it or perhaps a day trip to another area. Bowl a few lines here and there and you will be surprised on how different the other places tend to be, even if it’s the same pattern.  Flooring and oil types can change a pattern as well as its breakdown.  So take the chance and have fun somewhere else.  Even if its just to see a new surrounding, the distractions and atmosphere will help you in your concentration. For instance there is a Punk Rock Bowl Team tournament.  This is one for the record books.  Bring your “A” game because they will be blaring punk rock music, have scantily clad waitresses and you get a beverage of choice.  Now if that doesn’t challenge you, you should at least laugh your asses off and have a blast doing it.
Take the summer months to work on new things. Get some new and unique experiences and have a bit of fun too. The long winter season will be upon us soon. See you on the lanes!