I was scanning the news recently and after my third cup of coffee began to daydream about bowling and what we as a group could accomplish. I thought to myself bowling is more than just a recreation but has so much more to offer. After finishing my i believe fourth cup of java I put them in an article and now you can read my ramblings and tell me what you think.
Bowling can be used instead of war to solve global conflicts. Instead of spending billions upon billions to weaponize countries and inevitably destroy the countries and cost lives, why not hold a eliminator style tournament with the countries in the dispute , winner takes the prize. Everyone’s leader would be at the tournament with audiences from all the countries cheering them on or booing the others . It would make for great television and save countries from the ravages of warfare. They could sell television rights or perhaps a Pay per view like boxing and split the profits with all the countries involved, we had war on TV via the cable news channels, why not this way instead?
Bowling could help choose the next president of the USA. Imagine this a series of team tournaments for both parties, last team standing rolls off to determine the candidates. Those four will roll off at a neutral site , winners will be the next President and Vice- President of these United States. Perhaps we can televise it and have call in votes for the teams and do a compilation of both popular votes and winning teams .
Ok, maybe these are the ranting of a man who has had way too much caffeine. I am bothered by headlines that say Britney Spears is crowned champion of celebrity bowling hall of fame.  Really? Headlines like that or Jeff Bridges as “ The Dude “ defeats Bill Murray’s Ernie McCracken in the legacy portion of the tournament , bother me. Is this where we want our sport to go? Is this the best way to popularize our sport by crowning “ Popular “ celebrities that didn’t have to throw a single frame to gain that title? Two movies” The Big Lebowski” and “Kingpin” being what movies goers see us as bowlers. Is that what we really want.
Perhaps bowling can’t save the world , but what sport is better than being able to bowl just about anytime you want, in Vegas  you can bowl all night , with a beer or whatever adult beverage you please in your hand. Bowling in a team atmosphere builds friendship, a team work ethic and can be fun while competing . It is a night out with friends and a way to build new friendships. Support your local bowling center and Pro shop , it will help build the solid small business foundation of our economy. Support the charity tournaments locally and show everyone that we are not the “Dudes” or “Ernie’s” shown . We have passion and dedication and if we all choose to care we can grow our sport and look better as a sport and not a joke .

Get involved weather locally or nationally. Support bowling as a sport and a fun recreation as well. If you have comments please post them here at tburg.wpengine.com .  Follow us on Twitter @positiveaccesspt