Well the winter season has come to a close and it ended on a high note! Came into the night needing around a 670 series to get to a 185 average and while I came a little short of that goal, I did shoot a 634 (219, 255, & 160) to get to a mid 184 average. On top of that, my team finished 4th overall (in the money!!) and ended the season only losing 5.5 games over the last 6 weeks. A very fun finish to a good season!

As I had mentioned, while I wanted a 185 average (actually wanted much higher but you get what I’m saying) finishing with a 184.4 is a solid finish. Lets not forget at one point this season I was hovering around a 176 average, so moving it up 8 pins, I was happy. I also have to throw in that prior to this season, it has been 2 years in between leagues so coming back with a 185 isn’t to bad. All and all I’ve learned a lot and know more about my game going forward.

Some of the highs for the season consisted of; 279 high game, 695 high series, first 300 game (in practice), 4th place team finish, 6 600 series’, 4 games over 250 (including 2 in the past 3 weeks), and a new found love for the game. Some of the lows; 6 400 series’ (low of 460), a low game of 108, my spare game and my inconsistencies. More highs than lows and while it would have been fun to get a 300 in league or win the whole thing, I’ve progressed nicely!!

I also have to give a major shout out to Jet Bowling!! Once I started using their Jet Altitude I gained a new confidence. My average after getting the Jet was a 192.6 and it could have been much better if not for some poor spare shooting. Check out what Jet has to offer, including the Altitude, here!! Thank you again Jet Bowling!!

Summer league starts early May and brings with it a clean slate! Hope to rid myself of those sub 150 games and get myself into the 200’s more often. The summer league I’m in will be 4 game sets so I’ll be talking in terms of 800 series rather than 600 but the quest for a 200 average stays the same.  In the upcoming weeks I plan on bring my goal’s back out and reassess my goals heading into this summer along with looking at my overall game closer. I also plan on working on my mental game going into this summer as that is one area I have to improve.

One more thank you has to go out to my readers, thank you so very much on joining me on my journey to this point and going forward. It has been a blast interacting with all of you both on here and on twitter (@mkhawk21) and I look forward to more conversation going forward. Seems like this winter league was just starting and not it is already over. Best part about bowling though, a new season is right around the corner!

On that note, I’m signing off for the winter season and gearing up towards this summer. I have 200 on the mind and I look forward to everyone joining me on my journey!! Good luck to those finishing their seasons and I’d love to hear how you finish! Until next time…. Keep on rolling!!