With the PBA taking off some serious time to decide the Player of the Year, and Rookie of the Year, I thought it would be best to pay a tribute to the best women of the sport.  This week the top women of the USBC bowled for a chance to literally crown themselves as the USBC Queens Champion with the most unforgettable tiara of all time.  The winner of this event won a tiara, USBC bowling ball, trophy and $20,000 for winning the coveted USBC Queens.

The USBC Queens had great match play competition, and even better sportsmanship.  All of the bowlers congratulated one another when the match was over.  Each bowler described at some point that they really had to focus on themselves and their personal game, and everything would either workout for them or it wouldn’t, based upon their own shot making.  Watching these matches was a completely different experience than watching the PBA.  I suggest if you haven’t seen this telecast to watch it at ESPN TV.  As important is it is for them to each take home a check at the end of the day the women truly competed honorably.

The first match of the USBC Queens was Liz Johnson vs. Josie Earnest.  Liz has been a great bowler for many years and definitely had the advantage of experience on her side, along with the ability to make great shots.  Although it was Josie’s first major tv experience, I thought she handled her emotions great and really proved she could be a force in women’s bowling in the future.  Josie bowled great shooting a 223, but was defeated by the veteran Johnson who shot an amazing 268.

Liz then bowled Diandra Asbaty in match two.  Liz unfortunately opened the match with an unconvertible split, and later in the match opened again.  These two opens really opened the door for Asbaty who has never won a major title up to this point.  Diandra like all great bowlers took advantage of the opens and struck on her opponents missed opportunities.  Diandra although was not extremely sharp on hitting her target down lane, had a major advantage as she played the furthest inside of all the woman bowlers in the competition.  She created a nice area where she could miss due to all of her opponents shooting further right of her line all day.  Diandra went on in the match to defeat Liz Johnson 233 to 191.

Match 3 was Diandra Asbaty vs. Stephanie Nation.  Diandra got off to a great start in this match, and really started hitting her target on the lane.  Nation also started off good, but ended up opening in the 4th frame which really added pressure to make perfect shots.  Diandra again took advantage of her opponents opens and time after time continuously struck the pocket.  Diandra was extremely sharp in this match and continuously hit her mark and made perfect adjustments.  Asbaty shot 270 and rolled Nation who shot 185.

The fourth and final match was the top seeded Carolyn Dorin-Ballard vs. Diandra Asbaty.  Both bowlers really got off to a great start to the match, and continued to roll the ball right to the pocket continuously.  Asbaty had one open in the match which she went through the nose leaving an unmakeable split.  Dorin-Ballard went 10 frames of clean bowling with no opens, but did have some trouble carrying.  Most people myself included after hearing that would have thought automatically that Dorin-Ballard repeated as Queens champ, but this was not the case today, as Asbaty out struck her opponent and out witted the competition by playing inside of everyone else’s target line.  In the 10th Asbaty needed a strike and 7 to win the USBC Queens.  Asbaty took a deep breath before each shot, and like she had done all day delivered great shot and struck a double in the tenth to secure her first USBC Major Title as Queens Champion.

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