We begin this week by talking about a few new bowling ball reviews in this months edition of the Bowlers Journal magazine.  For a full review be sure to check out the magazine.  Then we chat with two-time USBC Open team champion Brad Kuhr about his experience this year in Baton Rouge.  Brad fills us in how his Bowlers Edge Pro Shop team attacked the lanes this year.  Brad explains what they would do if they had the chance to bowl again.  Ron Vokes set the all-events USBC Open record in Las Vegas with a 2341 back in 2009.  Vokes joins us to talk about how his team was able to take the lead in team all-events.  Ron also shares his thoughts on what in his opinion this year plays like compared to other USBC Open patterns.  Finally Ron talks about where Henry Teetz was playing in singles to shoot his 800.