Lately, people have been tracking me down and asking about my bowling career.  So, I decided to track myself down and interview me.  Here are some of the questions I asked myself.
Q:  Where are we from?
A:  I grew up in the small city of Garden Grove, Ca . A small suburb of Los Angeles.  I moved to Bullhead City, Az in 2000 .
Q:  John tell me about our bowling career, when did it start?
A: We started when we were 11 yrs old and got hooked. We used bowling balls chipped from stones it was so far back and bowled uphill so there would be a ball return. To make  extra money we used to score keep on the adult leagues at night. During that time we learned the finer points of the game watching the bowlers like Barry Asher, Mike McGrath, Tish Johnson and other high caliber bowlers.  We bowled juniors until we were 18 when we turned adult .  Our first tournament a an adult was at Wonderbowl, Anaheim ( now a spot in the California adventure parking lot at Disneyland )  in a six gamer against the best in the area at the time which we won by 200 pins. Our first try at Professional bowling wasn’t until 1999 when you competed as a guest in a PCB ( Professional Coast Bowlers ) tour stop in Yorba Linda. Which I can tell you I got handed my hat then even averaging over 200 for the tournament.
Q:  What event in bowling sticks out most to us?
A: That’s a tough question , boy do you know us well. I would have to say there are several but the one that is most remembered is the time I bowled a 265 triplicate in 1988. At the time that was the second highest triplicate in California second to the 279 triplicate . It was at Valley View Bowl in Garden Grove, CA . I know that it pales next to the 900 series but remember it was with a Brunswick GTB ball not a reactive ball of today’s standards.
Q:  What was the worst thing that’s happened to us in the bowling community?
A:  It is difficult to think of all the things that have happened like accidentally lofting a ball too far on freshly re-cut wood lanes and getting asked to leave. OR standing up only to realize your pants are not on since our belt was loose.
A lot of people think that they are the only ones who have had an embarrassing moment.  Look at Josh Blanchard, on T.V. no less.  Help me,  let all those other bowlers know their not alone.  Please share a part of yourself  by letting us hear your stories of oh sh%*’s and falls, goofs, etc… If anyone has another question for me just ask.  Thanks for reading.   Big thanks to Dustin Markowitz for the blast we had at Nevada State Open Team championships!  Write to you all next week !