The scores are still a little short of where I want them to be, but after last night, I really feel like I’m turning the corner to becoming the better bowler I set out to be!

Let me explain further, I missed 600 last night by 6 pins, bowling a 594 (215, 210, & 169) and while I struggled in the 3rd game, some poor pin count on some shots cost me the 600 more than anything else. I had 3 first ball shots in the 3rd game in which I left 6 pins. If I would have picked up 8’s on those and I have my 600, so while I could dwell on the game I struggled in, I’m just looking at the angle that I have more room to grow.

My mental game is definitely turning the corner as well. I had some poor shots last night, but was able to work through them. In weeks, even months, past I would have shot a 150 or less in that 3rd game, but I gutted out a 169. I would have gotten frustrated, missed spares and a bad game would have turned worse. Also, the pace of play last night was very slow, along with some players that even this deep into the season don’t have the proper bowling etiquette, so it took a lot of focus to not let it bother me or get me off my game. I can confidently say I’m getting stronger in that area!

My spare game was much better last night as well only leaving 5 opens (2 single pins) while converting 13 spares. There were a few I missed I shouldn’t have, but considering weeks past, it is a step in the right direction. Early on I was striking but as the games went on, I had to rely on my spare game which I felt good about. Like I mentioned early, some better count on my first shots and I’m looking at a 600 as long as I close the frame. Obviously striking more would have done the trick as well, but some nights you just have to just close frames and for the most part, I was.

As I mentioned, I just couldn’t find any sort of consistency in the 3rdgame after opening with a double, I didn’t strike the rest of the game. I made a ball switch from my Roto Grip to my Brunswick and that almost felt worse. I just didn’t seem to have any control over either ball but I was able to gut out whatever I could. I start losing some comfort in my shot the further left I moved and once I got to a certain point last night (25 board),  I just didn’t feel I could move anymore. At this point, I made a ball switch so I could get back to the right some but I continued to struggle. I was, for the most part, seeing the transition, just wasn’t always making the correct adjustment. For me though, seeing the transition as it was happening was a confidence builder going forward.

 Quick stats update after last nights above average evening:

  • Beginning of the night average: 182.0
  • End of the night average: 182.64
  • Spare conversion percentage: 72.2% (13/18) Splits 3 (1/3)
  • Single pin spare conversion percentage: 75% (6/8)
  • Make able spare percentage: 80% (12/15)
  • Strike percentage on the night: 41.2%

Wanted to give everyone a ball update as well, I’ll be getting my Jet Altitude drilled up next Wednesday after league. He will be watching me bowl league and we are going to bowl a few games after league to get a true feel for how I bowl, then we are going to drill it accordingly for me. I’m also going to be getting a spare ball very soon, so if you have any suggestions of a good spare ball, shoot them my way. I also am in the works for some coaching, nothing set as of yet but it is getting closer to being a reality.

As I mentioned last week, I wanted to share some of the goals I have for myself going forward and leading into summer league. Some will only slightly apply to this season still but implementing them now, will only help me going forward. Without further ado:

  • 200+ Average (summer league)
  • Sanctioned 300 game (I have one in practice, but never a sanctioned one)
  • 700, 750, & 800 series (in any order)
  • A single pin spare conversion percentage over 80% (tough to get that anymore this season but my goal for the rest of this league season is to just get it as high as I can)
  • Overall spare conversion percentage over 75% (I should be shooting higher on this, but when my current percentage is down around 59%, 75% is a good start)
  • Over 50% strike percentage (not out of reach this league season, but definitely a this summer goal)
  • More 600 series’ than 500 series’ (and no 400 series’)
  • No more than 5 games in any season below 160 (raise my low games, better average)
  • Better overall attitude (it is a game after all)

Well there’s the list that I’ve been working on, what do you think? Am I missing something I should be working or focusing on? Anything on the list I shouldn’t be worrying about? Also, what are some of your goals going forward, either for the rest of this season or for upcoming seasons? Either send me an email at [email protected] or comment below.

Another week above average and things seem to be heading in the right direction; can only work on improving from here. Until next week…. Keep on Rolling!