The Big Bag
We here at PAP decided to go out and ask a series of simple questions to some of the more prominent professionals and industry professional.  After week of waiting and collecting answers we five your those responses.  In this article you might begin to see patterns in some of the responses.  We would expect nothing less. Remember each pro has a sponsor, so remember this is not a “You should by this” kind of article.  Concentrate rather on the what and not necessarily by whom its made.
Q:  What do you think should be in every bowlers bag?
S. Norton:  Motiv Sigma; it’s a benchmark ball that is very clean through the front with a strong but controllable back end.  If you’re looking for skid/snap reaction look no further that the Motiv Primal Impulse! It will give any bowler that skid snap reaction they love to see.  For those needing a little help hooking the ball, the Motive Raptor is the ball choice.  That ball is my favorite ball of all time.  No other ball gives me the reaction I need quite like that!
Danny Wiseman:  What do you think should be in every bowlers bag?  A spare ball !!
Tom Hess:  a Storm HyRoad
S. Rash:  Every bowler should have a spare ball in their bag.
Coach Leverage:  3balls – one dull, one shiny and one spare.
Melissa Bellinder-Parkin:  I think a 900 Global bowling ball should be in every bag.  That’s not just a simple plug but a true statement because of the shear power and reaction that these bowling balls have.  Absolutely incredible!
Q:  What tool or accessory do you think is invaluable for the Tournament bowler.
Scott Norton:  Best accessory for me is my towel and grip sack that allow me to get a fresh surface on the ball with every shot and dry off my hand to have that consistent feel every time.
Danny Wiseman:  Shoes that have the interchangeable heels and soles.
Tom Hess:  I don’t use very many accessories, so I would say tape.
Sean Rash:  Having a coach or tour rep is irreplaceable.
Coach Leverage:  Interchangeable thumb
Melissa Bellinder-Parkin:  The tool that is invaluable for all tournament bowlers as well as any bowler for that matter is white insert tape for the inside of your thumbhole.  Everyone’s hands change each day so it’s important to use white tape to adjust the hole size for a tight fit on every outing.
Q:  What kind of tape, if any, gives you the best feel?
S. Norton:  I like VISE tape myself, they make tape for all occasions for thumb, fingers and for the ball.
Danny Wiseman:  White VISE tape, for fit and control when you need to use it?
Tom Hess:  Vise 1” white tape for adjusting the hole size.  I also wear Vise hada patch blue on my thumb every time I bowl.
Sean Rash:  Brunswick tape gives me the best feel/fit inside the bowling ball and the Vise finger tape to help protect my hands from cracking or hurting.
Coach Leverage:  Vise hada patch
Melissa Bellinder-Parkin:  Vise white insert tape as well as the Vise hada patch #4 are the key components that I use to keep a consistent fit and good grip for my bowling equipment.
Thank you everyone for your responses.  Like I said at the beginning, most pros need or use close to the same things.  You may pick up from this that your ball choice is important, especially the spare ball.  Second,  pro’s don’t use lots of gadgets and lastly, almost all of them use tape for fit, grip, injury control and a variety of other reasons.  Remember,  when choosing a ball, go to your local pro shop and make sure you have the proper fit.  Also,  don’t buy a ball that’s more than you can handle just because you idolize a pro or it’s the new flavor of the month.  Thanks for reading and remember to follow us on facebook and twitter. John Baker Sr. and  @positiveaccesspt