Here at Positive Access Point we try to point out new and inventive accessories that can make a difference in your game weather by improving on a product or something that shores up a weakness in your game. Some of these are must have and others go into the category why did I spend 19.95 on that?

I came across this product at a recent tournament and decided to contact the owners and test their product. ‘Stability Strikes’ is a bowling sock, yes a sock, believe it or not. Their claim is that their product can help with stability at the foul line and reduce knee and back pain. From the advertisement “Our socks are made with mohair yarn, which is the best yarn money can buy. There is extra mohair cushioning in the heel and toe. The heel is flat to help a bowlers stability at the foul line. The extra padding in the heel and toe also gives you maximum blister control (you don’t slide around in your shoes). -Stability Strikes socks will not only help a bowlers stability at the foul line but will also help with foot, knee or back pain a bowler may have.” Thus was their sales pitch.

Those are some lofty claims and I decided to contact the owner of the company and try a pair out to see if they really do what they say. It was just a few days to get the product and I was surprised when I first inspected the product. Surprisingly the socks were soft and thick. Now, on to the real test… bowling! I used the pair for the next several days including the City tournament 6 games, a 5 gamer, practice of 6 games and league night of 3 games. I can report that I did have a better “feel” in my shoe , not moving in the shoe at the foul line, they are comfortable and do give an added support, which is built into the sock, in the arch of my feet. They are comfortable and you do not really think about your feet, which increased my ability to concentrate more on my game. My coach said I looked more stable at the line and I did feel more stable.

As for the claims of helping with knee and back pain I didn’t see a difference but then again, I am a tall player 6’8” tall and the stresses on my body are much greater than that of a normal 5’8” player. I think it would take more time to give a fair critique of that claim or it just may not apply because of my height but I wouldn’t suppose to discount the claim.

They are a good product, they do give a sense of stability, balance and they feel really comfortable. That feeling at the line is important in your game since most people (me as well) don’t think of our feet in bowling except for the shoes we wear. Your feet feel properly fitted in your shoes and don’t slide around in them, which could possibly throw off your balance and or make you stop short. Your feet stay cool, dry and are comfortable and you really forget that they are there. I would definitely recommend trying a pair. I have added them to my must have’s for my bowling accessory bag.

Look them up at Or email them at for more information. .

If you have a MUST HAVE accessory you think P.A.P. should report on , leave a comment and I will personally look into it.



  1. Alan Westendorf says:

    interesting. Not quite sure that a pair of socks could add that much stability, but it might be worth looking into. I will say that I recently started wearing some of the Dr. Shoals orthodics in my shoes and I can definitely tell the difference in my stability and the fit of my bowling shoes when I don’t have them in. So, I guess a thick pair of socks could have a slightly similar effect.

    • John Baker says:

      Yes it i surprising , but when we break the game down smaller every bit can help, no matter how small . It was a surprise to me as well that a pair of socks could make a difference , but you never know what you will find when you look.

  2. Jason b says:

    Okay I guess that sounds about right, I looked it up and it looks like the middle works like an arch support. Is it about the thickness or does it support the whole foot? Are you still wearing them and are you going to get more?

  3. MR B says:

    John Even though a sock stops movement in your shoe.
    Some movement foward to back in the show also helps you at the line.
    Bowling is a heal to toe sport not side to side like basketball..
    Aka a walking shoe not a cross trainer.
    Stay with Walmart Socks just get shoes that fit right.
    Grandpa used to say dont skimp on the food you eat. Or the shoes on your feet.

    MR B

  4. John Baker says:

    Nothing against Walmart products but as a walking shoe and a cross trainer are dedicated products to their sports think of all the socks that are dedicated to those shoes , so why can’t there be a dedicated bowling sock for a dedicated bowling shoe. You can’t use a first baseman glove for an outfileder so why use a running sock for a bowling shoe, and by the way it doesn’t stop all the movement in the shoe. These socks help support the arch and heel using a little booty sock with a little ball on the back just won’t do sometimes! Thanks for your comment tho.

    John Baker
    Positive Access Point

    • MR B says:


      MR B

      • matt mcniel says:

        With all this sock talk going on, I thought I would add my two cents. I tried the socks for the first time about a month ago. I immediately noticed a difference in not only my balance at the line, but also in the reduced amount of soreness in my knees and legs after bowling all day. I then tried bowling again without the socks and the difference was enormous. I did not feel nearly as comfortable at the line as I did in the socks and the old soreness that I used to experience after bowling all day was heightened again. As a person who has no personal gain in this company, I can honestly say that I will never bowl in another pair of socks ever again! The product sells itself, just give it a try. Noted bowlers in my area Chad Nelson, Dan Bock, John Kreyer Jr, Carl Fietek, and myself all swear by the socks!

  5. DR says:

    I have been wearing these socks since February. I have noticed a huge difference in my balance at the foul line. My feet are also a whole lot more comfortable in my shoe now that it does not move around like a regular sock. Comfort and stabilty in your feet are a great thing to have. I wear these socks everyday now even when I’m not bowling. I laughed at first when I heard about them like most would. I put them on for the first time in early Feb. in league and shot 300/813. I told my teammates how great they felt on my feet and that I was gonna shoot 800 with them on. They all laughed, and I said you guys will see. Sure enough, it happened. I also had several more 300’s and 800’s in that month. All I can say is, do NOT KNOCK A PRODUCT UNTIL YOU FIRST TRY IT!! I am golfing tomorrow with them on for the first time and can’t wait to see how they feel out on the course! Socks are not socks either Mr.B!! Walmart socks have ZERO on the SS 300 Stability Strikes Sock! There are elite players all across the country wearing these socks reporting back honor score after honor score. I would recommend these socks for anybody out there looking to get that comfort and stability needed in bowling.

    • John Baker Sr. says:

      Thank you everyone for the great comments . I also think they are a great addition to my bowling bag and I plan on getting a few more pairs so I don’t have to keep washing them every other day. It is rare to find a product that does what it says and live up to the hype but here you go! You never know until you try something if it will make a difference .

      Thank you all for reading and commenting
      John Baker
      Positive Access Point

  6. DAVID SLAVEN says:

    Guy, I saw The Stability Strikes Sock on one of my friends Facebook, I send them a email and the owner called me the next day, I received my free pair from Jay the owner on 3/1/12….I found that the sock did what they said, The heel is flat to help a bowlers stability at the foul line. The extra padding in the heel and toe helps with the ache and pains…. and I was having issue with my knee and hip hurting in my left leg as i’m a righty and do to fact I bowl 5 leagues a week and also lots of tournaments, i bowl around 25-30 games a week, I’m 44 and I’m Co Owner of a Proshop and the General Manager of Munsee Lanes. I’m a Staff bowler with DV8, Turbo and Dexter…With that said the sock are as good as it get’s i had 738 the first night wearing them then on 3/6/12 I shot 300 and 760. Then last night 278 with fast 8…..Now I’m Not saying the socks was the sole reason i have been bowling good but, I ordered them for my shop to sell. The Product from what i have saw in two weeks what Jay says it would be….David

  7. Matt Ogle says:

    Anything that I would have to say about the socks would just be a repeat of all the great things people have already said above. I was approached by Jay (owner) at the TAT tournament in Vegas the first week of February this year. I was timid at first but after trying them on then wearing them to bowl in I was very impressed! I talk to Jay about 3-4 times a week and I have 7 pair for myself. I make sure I have one for everyday of the week.When I wear the SS300s I dont have the aching knee and foot pain anymore after a long format (12-14 games one day). I feel like I could go another 5 games where as before I was wore out 2-3 games before the tournament was over. The SS300s WORK and everyone should have a half dozen. These arent your average dollar general store socks. These are the Cadillac of the Sock world for bowlers. I am selling them locally for 12.00 a pair and I order 12 a week.. I have sold 3 dozen in the last two weeks with a dozen being soldout in one day in a senior tournament my father ran last weekend.

    My hats off to Jay! Great Product!

    -Matt Ogle

    • John Baker Sr. says:

      Thank you for your comments. I have a pair of the ss300 and i have to say they really help . I recently practiced without them and I did feel and have a diference. Jay is a great guy and we email and talk frequently. Just need to get a few more pairs!

  8. Dave Armstrong says:

    I tried these socks out about 2 months ago.After bowling with them a few times I ended up ordering 10 pairs.They definitly help your foot be more solid at the line.My foot doesnt move at all.They are so comfy and feel good i now where them all the tiem with my regular shoes!I love them!!

  9. Akil says:

    I didn’t believe a sock could make my feet feel so good. I tried a pair out this past Sunday and I must say I was pleasantly suprised and believe me that’s not easy to do. They were so awsome that I wore them to work today. I have plans to purchase more. I’m telling all the people I know because that feel is so awsome and I didn’t have pain in my left knee as I always have after bowling and had been taking 800mg IBUPROFEN to help with the pain. If you don’t believe me just try a pair.

  10. David Dowler says:

    Actually Mohair is NOT the finest yarn you can buy. Vicuna is. But I highly doubt someone wants to pay 400 bucks for a pair of socks….a suit in Vicuna can run from 10000 all the way to 50000 bucks……

    That said mohair is a nice yarn with some shine.

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