Here at Positive Access Point we try to point out new and inventive accessories that can make a difference in your game weather by improving on a product or something that shores up a weakness in your game. Some of these are must have and others go into the category why did I spend 19.95 on that?

I came across this product at a recent tournament and decided to contact the owners and test their product. ‘Stability Strikes’ is a bowling sock, yes a sock, believe it or not. Their claim is that their product can help with stability at the foul line and reduce knee and back pain. From the advertisement “Our socks are made with mohair yarn, which is the best yarn money can buy. There is extra mohair cushioning in the heel and toe. The heel is flat to help a bowlers stability at the foul line. The extra padding in the heel and toe also gives you maximum blister control (you don’t slide around in your shoes). -Stability Strikes socks will not only help a bowlers stability at the foul line but will also help with foot, knee or back pain a bowler may have.” Thus was their sales pitch.

Those are some lofty claims and I decided to contact the owner of the company and try a pair out to see if they really do what they say. It was just a few days to get the product and I was surprised when I first inspected the product. Surprisingly the socks were soft and thick. Now, on to the real test… bowling! I used the pair for the next several days including the City tournament 6 games, a 5 gamer, practice of 6 games and league night of 3 games. I can report that I did have a better “feel” in my shoe , not moving in the shoe at the foul line, they are comfortable and do give an added support, which is built into the sock, in the arch of my feet. They are comfortable and you do not really think about your feet, which increased my ability to concentrate more on my game. My coach said I looked more stable at the line and I did feel more stable.

As for the claims of helping with knee and back pain I didn’t see a difference but then again, I am a tall player 6’8” tall and the stresses on my body are much greater than that of a normal 5’8” player. I think it would take more time to give a fair critique of that claim or it just may not apply because of my height but I wouldn’t suppose to discount the claim.

They are a good product, they do give a sense of stability, balance and they feel really comfortable. That feeling at the line is important in your game since most people (me as well) don’t think of our feet in bowling except for the shoes we wear. Your feet feel properly fitted in your shoes and don’t slide around in them, which could possibly throw off your balance and or make you stop short. Your feet stay cool, dry and are comfortable and you really forget that they are there. I would definitely recommend trying a pair. I have added them to my must have’s for my bowling accessory bag.

Look them up at Or email them at [email protected] for more information. .

If you have a MUST HAVE accessory you think P.A.P. should report on , leave a comment and I will personally look into it.