Seeing as how there were no televised events on TV this weekend, I would like to take a look ahead to the Mark Roth doubles competition, and see what your feelings are regarding the leagues in your hometown.  I am curious to see what you the viewers think about the leagues you bowl in and see if we need to ask our centers to make some changes.

The big question I have in mind is do we need to change the format of our leagues?  I guess before I get further into depth on this topic I should explain that I am from Wisconsin, and things are very traditional here.  So most leagues in our area are 5 man team leagues either scratch or handicap with your occasional couple’s league on the weekend.   As much as I like bowling on a 5 man team, I have noticed within the past few years that you don’t see the same guys every week at the lanes, and teams actually strategize to have their players with more or less handicap on certain weeks.  I almost think that doubles leagues may be the way of the future.

I think a doubles league could be beneficial in many ways.  From a strategic standpoint you could pick a player that brings the best out of you, and knows you.  If you are struggling your partner would know your game just as well as he knows his own.  Also from a strategic standpoint you could pick a player that plays a similar line to you, to increase scoring.  Typically a doubles league goes faster as there are two less players on the lanes.  Having a smaller time commitment, may be beneficial to some who are extremely busy.  I also believe that having two less players on the lanes will not only speed up the competition, but will also help you stay in a rhythm.  I personally have had my best scores on the lanes when I am bowling in doubles, or singles competitions for tournaments, because I can stay in a good rhythm.  I personally would like to see more leagues like this offered in our area, but would love to hear your opinions on how things are where you live.  Please leave your comments below or email me anytime at [email protected].  I finally found a doubles league in our area this spring into summer that is a sport league.  I am excited to be bowling in my first sport league this summer, and look forward to telling you how it goes. wants to make sure that you are taking your game to the next level, so we are giving away another Jet Bowling ball at the end of March.  In order to become eligible for the bowling ball make sure you “like” taking your bowling game to the next level on facebook by clicking here.  Also, do not forget to follow the Crew on Twitter as you never know what cool things we will be giving away.  The crew on Twitter is as follows: – @above180

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