“Mama always said there would be days like these! “ 

That was the only way of looking at my evening on the lanes, after shooting a 485 (202, 132, & 151). My night consisted of 2 first shot gutters, a under 50% on spare conversions, 50% on single pins, and just overall frustration. I’ll also admit, I got frustrated and lost my mental game. Between my struggles and inconsistencies and add in that a group on the set to our right don’t have any bowling etiquette, my night was shot. No excuses, I was just bad!! 

Not all was lost though, for the second consecutive week my teammate shot a career high, shooting a 520!! He carried us last night to a 2-2 record, which keeps us in the conversation of getting into the top 5!! Congrats for another great week buddy!! His success, while my reactions may not have shown it, made the night worth it. That is, after all, what bowling is all about. There are highs, lows and everything in between, but seeing him improve as much as he has this year (to start the year his average was under 100, he is no over 120) has been a awesome sight! Keep it up buddy!! 

Before I launch into the Jet Altitudes introduction, here are my stats after last night: 

  • Beginning of the night average: 183.15 
  • End of the night average: 182.36 
  • Spare conversion percentage: 45% (9/20) Splits 4 (0/4) 
  • Single pin spare conversion percentage: 50% (5/10) 
  • Make able spare percentage: 56.2% (9/16) 
  • Strike percentage on the night: 34.4% (11) 

As I said, it was a struggle, but on to happier things, like my brand new Jet Altitude!! Love This Ball!! Although I’m still learning how to use it and all it is capable of, I can already tell it will make a difference in my game. Very smooth through the mid lane and a strong finish on the back end. Great ball!! Thank you again Jet Altitude!! Get your Jet Altitude, or another other Jet, Here 

I honestly wish I had more to add to this weeks article but last nights struggle took a little wind out of the sails. Will I bounce back, absolutely, but doesn’t take away from some of the frustration I was feeling. It was just one of those days on the lanes, we all have them from time to time. My goal is to make it where my bad nights are near the level I was bowling the weeks prior to this last night. Can only go up from here!! (Right?!?)

Love it or hate it, bowling gives you something different every week. Hopefully next week is a little nicer. Until next week.. Keep on rolling!!