‘The Proprietors Cup’ – Info on the newest chance at BLING

It’s time to put your money where you bowling is! The Proprietors Cup is almost here. The newest megabuck tournament is designed to test your skill and with a little luck and fair play it could fatten your pocketbook as well. With a lack of good paydays for most “Professional” bowlers, we turn to a Non Professional events thats good for everyone. Positive Access point has an exclusive interview with the founder of The Proprietors Cup, William Eysoldt and he has answered a few questions about this first and hopefully annual event.

Q: What is The Proprietors Cup and where is it located?

A: The Proprietors Cup is a Megabuck Bowling Event taking place in Beavercreek, Ohio in July. The tournament will feature a variety of four types of tournaments; such as the ladies, the seniors Megabuck events, as well as the Ace Mitchell All-Star Team Challenge, and The Proprietors Cup Tournament.

Q: Tell us why? The reasons you started The Proprietors Cup?

A: With the number of bowling tournaments dropping every year, I thought it would be great to follow a business model that worked, like Poker! The PBA business model seems to be cracked and does not seem as though it is holding up. I also believe that the major bowling companies will continue to spend less on sponsorship. This is being proven in the golf circuit with less PGA and LPGA events every year, there are even less NASCAR Sponsorship, etc.. Bowling has always tried to follow the golf business model and create tournaments that paid with sponsorship dollars. My model is simple, more entries equals bigger prize funds. Also offering satellite tournaments will allow bowlers a chance to win an entry at a fraction of the cost.

Q: Do you think there is a lack of bowling opportunities for those wishing to not join Professional ranks?

A: No, I think that more people want higher paying events, regardless if they have to pay for them or not! I think there is are ample opportunities in bowling to make money in tournaments, just not always a big payday!

Q: Are there other events associated with the main event?

A: Yes, The Ace Mitchell All-Star Team Challenge is a team side pot offering $10,000 to the winner. It is sponsored by Brunswick, KR Strikeforce, Ebonite, Track, Hammer, Columbia 300, Storm, Roto Grip, Motiv, Jet Bowling, Innovative Bowling Products, Ace Mitchell, Kegel, Turbo Grips, Etonic, Dexter, Barnstormers, and All the sponsors listed have agreed to send All-Star teams to the event. If one of these all-star teams wins, they have agreed to split the jackpot $5,000 for professionals and leaving the other $5,000 to be won by an amateur team. There will be tons of side action available with Megabuck Brackets and Jackpots. We will also host the Ladies and Seniors Megabuck events. $400 entry, $10,000 1st place plus a proprietors cup entry based on 100 bowlers. Making this a great weekend for pro’s and amateurs!

Q: How does one enter the tournament and how much is it?

A: and register online or call (937) 901-2977. The cost of the Proprietors Cup is $1,100. The ladies and senior megabuck event is $400 and The Ace Mitchell All-Star Team Challenge is $100 per 5 man team*. (* 2 bowlers from the team must bowl the Proprietors Cup or Megabuck event)

Q: Are there plans for more Proprietors Cups in other cities ?

A: At the present time we are setting up a guaranteed Proprietors Cup Tour for 2013. We will visit 25 cities and offer bowlers the opportunity to win entries into the 2013 Proprietors Cup. We also plan to start individual state events in 2014.

Q: What do you plan for the future of this tournament?

A: We hope to build on this new concept of ‘The Proprietors Cup’ and eventually grow it into a huge and exciting event. We are looking for support from companies (proprietors) to run satellite tournaments or simply sponsor bowlers events and to attend the 2012 Bowl Expo. We have already been endorsed by the Ohio Bowling Centers Association (O.B.C.A) and we will continue to seek further support!

Q: Is there a certain Lane pattern being used?

A: We are privileged to announce that Kegel is taking the time to specially designing a pattern for the Kegel Proprietors Cup this year.

Q: What other tournaments do you think are worth attending like this one?

A: Bowling has 5 or 6 great events a year in the USA…

  1. PBA Tournament of Champions
  2. PBA US Open
  3. USBC Masters
  4. Hi Roller/ TAT
  5. The Mini Eliminator

Our goal is to add our name to this exclusive list in the near future. It would be a thrill to see this, our original grand event grow and pay out more than ‘The Tournament of Champions’. It has been an inventive and energetically packed year so far and we look forward to gaining more momentum as we get closer to July!

Thank you William for your time and enthusiasm. Please make time and go to for more information and to sign up . According to Mr. Eysoldt there are plans in the works next year to visit 25 cities for satellite tournaments and possibly a chance to win an entry into next years big event. Make sure if you are attending Bowl Expo this year to stop by and say “Hello” to them. We all wish you the best of luck on this newest and grand endeavor. To those already entered as well as those of you thinking of entering, practice and kick some butt when you get there. Thanks again Mr. Eysoldt for your time and information. Don’t forget to have some fun out there too.