Rest and relaxation never hurt a sole! I was able to get much of that this last week but don’t worry, a lot of bowling took place, just no league!

As I mentioned last week, due to a scheduling conflict, I didn’t have my typical Wednesday night league so I took advantage and rested. I will admit, it was pretty nice! Of course, I did miss league (especially coming off a 625 series) but the break was deserved.

No worries though, definitely put some games in though over the weekend including my first tournament in years! I participated in a local 9 pin tournament over the weekend and had a blast! I bowled in the last group of the night but hung out at the event the whole day just to take it all in, fun tournament! Already signed myself up for all 4 sessions next year. The tournament was at a different house than I usually bowl at so it was nice being able to bowl somewhere outside of the norm, different adjustments, surroundings, etc. I would definitely add a league there if the situation was right.

Back to the tournament now because I know that is what you are truly interested in! I put up a 641 series; 220, 216, 205. Now I know for a 9 pin tournament I should (and wanted to) bowl better but it was a lot of fun. The lanes were different than what I was accustomed too and were moving fast due to all the revs I was bowling around. Left a few tough splits but overall had a great time. I had 2ndbest series on my team for the fourth session so while the score wasn’t there, I was pleased with my night. Left feeling that much better about my 625 series in league earlier in the week mainly because league was scratch, the tournament wasn’t!

I was back at the lanes for some practice the next day and the main goal was to just continue to work on my routine, almost to the point where it was natural. I also, mainly due to the $.75 price per game, bowled 9 games so endurance and managing being tired was something of focus. Scores were pretty decent, all and all 3 games over 200 (including a 276 game where I had the front 9!) a 190 average on the day. I was really hoping I could get the average to 200 (after 6 games I was right at a 200 average as well) but just couldn’t hang on to it, I started getting tired. Took a good amount away from practice though so mission accomplished.

League will be back next week so going to be getting my practice in this weekend to shore a few things up. Also, put my entry in for city tournament in a few weeks. I’m participating in singles, doubles and team so a lot of competition upcoming! I can’t wait to see how I do, especially in singles in doubles where a lot, or all, of what I do will contribute to how we place. Plus it takes place at both centers in town so what works one day, won’t necessarily work the next day. Should be fun and updates will be a plentiful!!

Finally, a few thoughts:

  • Congrats to Mike Fagan on the USBC Masters Championship! Awesome live show as well, fun watching an event as it was happening rather than tape delay.
  • Looking forward to taking a break from the serious bowling for some fun this weekend with Chris Paul’s Celebrity event happening (on tape delay of course). Should be fun to see (heck my wife is looking forward to it).
  • I don’t have a horse in the Super Bowl race but I’d rather see the Giants win (only because they knocked out my Packers) but I think the Patriots will in.
  • We are still looking for people to help me out on my Journey so if you have ideas of how you can help, email me at [email protected] or email Tim at [email protected]. Whatever creative idea you have, we are all ears! Certain product (from a glove, to a towel, to a ball, etc) just whatever you think could work! Also looking into a permanent (or more permanent) coach and pro shop to use for balls down the road. Please shoot us an email.
  • Going back to the USBC Masters, I don’t believe Chris Barnes choked, Mike Fagan won it. Chris made an adjustment that didn’t work and this was happening while Mike was putting up strikes. Chris will be back though.
  • Lastly, good luck to all of those that are starting their City and State Tournaments, don’t miss our pod cast on making sure you are ready for your tournaments!

Nice getting little rest, especially with all of the tournaments and the stretch run of league coming up. It was enjoyed to the max, but I’m ready to get back on the lanes!

The rest was needed but I’m ready to go, until next time… keep on rolling!