A few months ago I got my first chance at being a staffer for a bowling company. The name is ‘Jet Bowling’ and I have to say that these balls are the real deal. I have already had many honor scores with their latest release the Altitude . Jet currently offers three other balls. The original JET, Armor and Surrender. The Jet is their first release and is perfect for entry level or an experienced bowler looking for a milder reaction. The Armor is great for medium oil and has a very controllable Arc to it . The surrender is a bit more aggressive and is great for a bit heavier to medium oil. The Altitude is their Pro Performance line and is for Heavy oil. I asked the President and C.E.O. Chris Crossett a few questions.

  1. Please introduce yourself and give a little background on yourself.

Answer: My Name is Chris Crossett and I am the President and CEO of Jet Bowling. Jet Bowling started in January of 2010. I have been a fan of bowling since high school and recently got interested in the business side of bowling and so I started the company. We have seen amazing growth and demand for our products.

  1. What happened that motivated you to start your own company?

Answer: Great question. It happened the summer before I started the business. I had just purchased a new road bike that was made of carbon fiber and was out on a nice 60-mile ride when I had the thought to see if I could use the technology in a bowling ball…..several months later we had our prototype ready!

  1. What makes the Jet balls special?

Answer: We have developed a special additive that we add in the manufacturing process while pouring the Coverstock which increases the resistance to cracking. This specifically enhances the durability of the bowling ball to give the products a longer life.

  1. What is Durastock and what does it do?

Answer: Durastock is the name of the cover that we use that designates that our cover uses our nano technology

  1. As well as Jet is doing now, where do you see Jet in the Future?

Answer: Well, I see our growth to continue Internationally and surge domestically. I see us continue to develop staffers and get our products PBA approved with several PBA members on contract with us. I also see us with a full product lineup with balls, bags, accessories and etc.

  1. Any “ Hints” about the next Jet release?

Answer: our first Asymmetrical! Or a spare ball…..

  1. What is your most popular ball and why?

Answer: Well, currently it is our Altitude since it is the most recent release, but the original Jet just continues to keep a steady demand and has since its release in April of 2010

  1. Where can one order a Jet ball?

Answer: Great question. In your local pro shop, or on our website… www.jetbowling.com

We have great specials for High School and College bowlers as well as a strong pro shop pricing.

9. Question: What is the crew and how can a person join?

Answer: The Crew is designed for bowlers that want to become apart of Jet bowling and help the brand grow. It is also the path to a bowler becoming on the Jet Staff. We ask that bowlers have a 200 league average and if they are interested in joining that they should email us and give us their USBC number for us to verify their averages. There are many benefits of being on the crew, including discounts on our products, there are also referrals that those on the crew can get and with those receive free equipment.

This product is a great matched up with myself and many others who have tried them. Chris runs a great company dedicated to great customer service and a price point that won’t empty your wallet, while still keeping you competitive with those $200 dollar balls the other manufacturers have come out with almost on a monthly basis.

*For a chance to win a new Jet ball of your choice, visit Facebook and likeTaking your bowling game to the next level’ to be entered.