Ever have one of those nights on the lanes where it was a constant struggle from the first practice toss on? Where you can’t find a line or any sort of consistency? Ever have one of those nights when you get a strike but you’re still frustrated because you missed your mark? That was my night last night in a nutshell, couldn’t find the consistency and my frustration level grew. By the time the dust had settled, a 501 series (188, 168, and 145) is what I had to show for my night. Once the night settled in, I had more positives to talk about than negatives.

Like I said, there were negatives to the night but not as many as one may think. I had some big time consistency issues last night but when I took my time and hit my marks, more times than not it was a strike or an easy leave.  Despite the problems with consistency, I managed to have at least a double or turkey in every game, I of course want more but imagine my scores without stringing together a few strikes in each game. I was stubborn last night and never made a ball change (stayed with my Roto Grip Mutant Cell the whole night) that I probably should have at least tried. In my head, I believed I had the right ball even though I was struggling. That is no one’s fault but my own but I recognize that I’m at fault, not the ball or the lanes. But, after those few items, I’m thinking positive!

I had fewer brooklyn’s last night than I do believe I had during any night on the season. I really worked on focusing, taking my team and hitting my mark. I did leave a few balls high (which resulted in 7, yes 7, splits) but one point of emphasis is to cut down on the brooklyn’s and I did. My team took 3 out of the 4 available points and which moved us up the leaderboard. We were in a tie for 9th at the beginning of the night but only 1 point behind potentially being in 6th, we needed the points and we got it! One other positive, my bad night this week was a 501, I know I’m only 3 weeks removed from a 469 series, but if I can have my bad nights be mid to low 500 series and my good nights are in the 600’s, then I’m doing something right!

Quick stats update after last night:

  • Average at the beginning of the night: 181.84
  • Average at the end of the night: 181.17
  • Spare conversion percentage on the night: 29.4% (5/17) left 7 splits (0/7)
  • Single pin spare conversion percentage on the night: 66.7% (4/6)
  • Strike percentage on the night: 46.9% (15)
  • Despite a bad night of league, I did have a personal best recently that I couldn’t go without mentioning!! Last weekend, during some open bowling practice games, I hit my first big time goal of my journey, a 300 game!! I did it, after many years of bowling; I finally have a 300 under my belt. I managed to make 12 strikes in a row, in one game! Absolutely amazing feeling! So while it is easy to seem disappointed for league last night, I have reason to say things have been better than worse as of late and better things are to come!

    A few other exciting pieces have fallen into place which will help me continue on in my journey. First, I’m all signed up for the local city tournament and I’m going to be getting my monies worth! I’ll be competing in singles, doubles and team over the course of the first weekend. It will be my first taste of some individual tournament competition in almost 3 years (I did bowl in that no tap tournament last weekend, but that was a little more laid back). I’m very excited and ready to go! I also confirmed that I will be bowling in a summer league at the same center I’m currently bowling at. 2 person teams, 4 games, bigger pots which should be a lot of fun! I’m just happy to have found a league for this summer that should be both fun and exciting. More importantly, it will serve as another stopping point on my journey.

    On a ball note, I will hopefully have my Jet Altitude drilled up prior to city tournament and the fresh oil they will be throwing down over that weekend. I once again went to thank Jet for the brand new ball and High 5 for the Jet jersey. I really and truly believe that a ball like this is going to help me more than I know. More than anything, it will help my arsenal take shape from top to bottom. I do feel like I’m missing out by not having a spare ball but that will come soon enough. Thanks again to Jet (to see what Jet has to offer check them out here: Jet Bowling)

    Finally, I can’t finish this article without saying thank you to all of those I’ve already met on this journey and to those that will I will eventually meet. You have all helped me more than you’ll ever realize. Whether it is helping me stay positive, giving me different ideas on ways to improve my game, or  just having bowling conversations with me, I’ve learned so much from you all already and look forward to learning more. I take everything you all say to heart, so again, thank you so very much!!

    Nobody said this journey was going to be easy or quick. Even though I want all the glory right now, it is a long path to get to where I want to be, but I can at least tell I’m on the right path. Until next time… keep on rolling!