That was the theme of the night, nothing big, and nothing flashy, just consistent. Could it have been better, sure, but compared to where I was the previous week, I’ll take it!

Ended up finishing the nigh with a 567 series (187, 189, and 191), which is a big step up from last week’s 501. I left 8 open frames (5 of those were makeable), but despite those open frames, I left the lanes feeling very confident. I didn’t strike as much as I would have liked, which turned the night into a grind, but I still left the lanes confident. Being over average all 3 games will do that to a person!!

Confidence was something that I needed, especially going into this weekend! Why you may ask, city tournament weekend, that’s why!! I’ll be competing in all three competitions; team on Saturday along with singles and doubles on Sunday. Additionally, I’m entered in the all events category to so each session means I could be that much closer to cashing. Knowing all of that made last night all the more important because I knew it was my last competitive bowling before this weekend.

After last night, I have confidence in both bowling balls, especially after making a ball change that worked. I started the night using my Roto Grip Mutant Cell but switching after only 5 frames to my Brunswick Diamondback. Just wasn’t getting the reaction I needed out of the Roto Grip so into the bag it went! I’m usually a little slow on those changes but I didn’t mess around last night, which is a step in the right direction. I’ve had my times, where I was to stubborn or just didn’t see that the ball I was using just wasn’t the right ball. Also, I really focused on what board I was starting on, my marks down lane, and how the ball was reacting down lane. Not saying I was in complete understanding of it all but I was trying to pay more attention to those things. I learned one big thing last night; I struggle with repeating shots, every time, at the same mark. Some go a little right, some a little left, but the fact that I was noticing those struggles was a step in the right direction.

Here is the weekly stats update:

  • Average at the beginning of the night: 181.17
  • Average at the end of the night: 181.51
  • Spare conversion percentage on the night: 57.9% (11/19) left 5 splits (1/5)
  • Single pin spare conversion percentage on the night: 71.4% (5/7)
  • Strike percentage on the night: 40.6% (13)
  • Like I mentioned above, nothing that will wow you but it was consistent. It was a grind but I liked that about last night. I’m not the type of bowler yet that is going to go out weekly and just strike at will, few bowlers are, I’m going to have to earn it. I’m hoping to get to a spot where the strikes just come at will, but I’m not there yet and I know I have a ways to go. After last night, it gave me hope that with some work, my bad games can be in the 180’s or above, add a few more strikes and I’m instantly in the 200’s. I have some work to do but I can see it in front of me. Last night, I knew 1 more spare conversion in each game and I’m at a 600 series. Some would be upset knowing that but I see it as an opportunity to improve and not getting down on myself. This is journey after all!

    I could keep on jabbering here today but with city tournament this weekend, I predict an even bigger and longer article coming up next week. This Journey I’m taking to become a better bowler is on the right path and while I do drive myself nuts (and I’m sure some around me) I feel better about my game each and every week. I’m getting closer and closer to being that 200 bowler I want to be with each throw, whether that is in practice or league. Hopefully this weekend is my time to bust out a few of those big scores I’m working so hard to get!!

    Confidence is growing; now let’s see where it takes me. Until next time… keep on rolling!!!

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