This week I would like to take a look at the Chameleon Open and open a discussion on a few things for our viewers to comment on this week.  I have also noticed some things that I find to be a little odd regarding the recent PBA events this year regarding scoring as well as players’ state of mind.

The first thing that I find to be odd and can’t stand about the PBA is the Eliminator format.  I think we all learned from Herm Edwards that, “You play to win the game”!  I feel like with this Eliminator format guys are playing not to lose and hopefully advance to the next round.  The guys are scoreboard watching the whole time instead of bowling.  Almost every event I have seen this year thus far the top 4 seeds have averaged over 230.  Once they hit the lights of the TV shows they are barely breaking 200 if that.  Guys bowl all week to be the best and want to have the top seed, and make the show.  Then once they get there their mindset changes to, “It’s is ok if you don’t win, just don’t lose”.  I find this to be a little ridiculous.  Obviously when it comes to the head to head finals you have to finally WIN, but I feel as though this format should be done away with and keep the step ladder finals, and people actually bowl to win the game…Your thoughts???

For those of you who missed it Jason Belmonte squeaked his way past the first two rounds by not leading his competitors, but rather by not losing to the last place guy in each of the rounds.  By not losing Jason Belmonte gave himself a chance to win the Chameleon Open against Sean Rash, and Belmo did just that.  Belmo won the match in convincing fashion with a 268 vs. Sean Rash’s 191.  I will say this though; I think you will see a lot more of the Sean Rash and Jason Belmonte in the final matches of events.  These guys are a rare breed of talent that can play some incredible angles to the pocket.  At one point Belmo was lofting the ball over the left gutter to keep it in the oil.  You have to give credit to Jason Belmonte, like a Chameleon, he figured out how to adapt to the changing environment, and earned every bit of that title.

A few things I took away from this week’s telecast were actually words of wisdom shared by the two finalists.  First Sean Rash in an interview explained that you will have ups and downs when trying to get to that next level.  He did a great job on putting that into perspective when he explained even the greatest players of the game like Walter Ray won 24 titles out of the 600 events he entered.  The other great words of wisdom from the event came from Jason Belmonte.  When he won the title and was being interviewed he thanked everyone that ever helped him get there.  He thanked Storm, The International Art of Bowling, and most importantly his family for all of their support.  Remember that if you truly want to take your game to that next level that it’s ok to get help along the way.  Ask others what you are doing wrong, get a coach, and thank your supports for supporting you along your journey of bowling.

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