This week we talk to Bill Hall about his life on the PBA Tour as a ball driller. 

In 1988 he began working full time for Faball maker of the Hammer bowling balls.  One of his responsibilities other than giving advanced clinics on bowling ball dynamics and ball drilling was to design bowling balls for the Faball Company.  The first bowling ball designed by Bill was the Blue Hammer which ended up being the highest selling bowling ball in urethane history by volume.   Bill then talks about what bowlers can expect if they visit the showcase lanes at the USBC Open.  Bill talks about the one thing average bowlers can overlook before heading to the USBC  Open.  We get Bill’s opinion on the changes being implemented by the USBC next year.

Make sure you check out the VIP Program the USBC is offering this year, and click here for all the information on the show case lanes.