Adding a New Ball to Your Arsenal

By Derek Petty

You are looking for a new ball. You’ve done your research, you’ve talked to your pro shop operator, you’ve discussed the lane conditions you typically bowl on, and finally you’ve described the type of reaction you are looking for. This is it, the ball that will take you to the next level. It comes off the drill press and fits perfectly. You head to the lanes, you loosen up and now it is time to test this new toy. What’s the first thing you should do?

a)      Throw it and see what it does (good choice, but there is a better answer)

b)      Throw it, watch where and how it reacts to the lane condition (great answer, but you can do better)

c)       Throw it, watch where and how it reacts to the lane condition AND  compare it to your benchmark ball

You’ve taken the time to drill this brand new ball, so take the time to determine how it fits in to your suite of equipment. Compare it to your benchmark ball using the following criteria:

–          Is the overall hook more or less?

–          Does it hook earlier or skid more?

–          Does it roll earlier or later?

–          Is it more smooth or angular at the break point?

Any and all of the above options are possible and these answers may change based on the lane conditions. Take notes and keep track of the differences. Comparing these new balls to your benchmark ball will be valuable information to take your game to the next level.

When drilling a new ball it is always of value to compare it to as many balls in your arsenal as possible. Sometimes the reaction and ball movement will surprise you and your pro shop operator.