Yep, title says it all, last night wasn’t a good night!

 After bowling my 3rd 600 series of the year last week, this week was a throwaway week. To give you an idea how it started, 7 opens in a row to start the 1st game, 7!! I’m not talking tough spares either, I’m talking a lot of single pins and make able multiple pins. Final tally on the night; 469.

Now I’m not going to bore you with the details of this bad night but I’ll give you a fast rundown:

  •  First game 108 (not a misprint), but after leaving the front 7 open I went spare, open, strike, spare. Could have been worse!
  •  Second game was better opening with a double (neither strike shot was a good shot but at this point, I was taking anything). Gutted out a 178 (3 pins under average) but still felt like a struggle.
  • Final game was my only game over average, bowling a 183. Few better shots and I started figuring a few things out. Confidence was shot after first game but I pleased how I at least battled back to make something of the night.
  • 469 series, 3rd lowest of the season, but with the 108 (lowest game of the year), like I said above, it could have been worse.

As you can imagine, my mental game wasn’t put to the test last night. During the night, I’d probably tell you a bombed the test but looking back on it, I felt I handled it pretty good. In the past I would probably have thrown a fit (yea, I’ve been that guy in the past) but while I had a few conversations with myself, I managed to keep my cool. As the games, and opens continued, I was upset with myself, but I knew it was user error. I slowed down, took deep breathes, and focused. The scores didn’t a ton better (although they did get better each game) but if I would have lost my cool, last night’s score would have been worse.

On that same note, I’ve already put the night behind me. As I’ve said a few times, it could have been worse, much worse! Anytime you leave 7 open in a night, it can be a disappointment, but to start your first game with 7 open in a row that’s a tough pill to swallow. I’m ready to move on to the next practices and league days. Sure I’m disappointed but that’s the game of bowling. Even the best have off days and last night was a off day for me.

Equipment wise, I tried to go with my Roto Grip to start the night but while I was getting some good strike shots, switching to the heavier ball for spares was messing me up. I have been typically going with my Brunswick out of the gate, but  when practicing on Saturday, something’s were working with the Roto Grip, so I figured what the heck. As a whole it was a partially failed experiment but I didn’tgive it a chance either. 7 opens will do that to a person! I also know that I’m not going to have real confidence in this ball until I get it plugged and re drilled for me. It is something  that has to be done if I’m ever going to feel confident with the ball.

As you’ll see, the numbers do not lie, it was a tough night. Here are the updated stats for the evening:

  • Average at the beginning of the night: 181.8
  • Average at the end of the night: 180.52
  • Spare conversion percentage on the night: 36.4% (8/22)
  • Single spare conversion percentage on the night: 33.9% (3/9)
  • Strike percentage on the night: 30.3% (10)

Now comes a couple of fun things! I’d like to thank Jet Bowling for the brand new Altitude and thanks to High 5 for the Jet bowling jersey!! I can’t wait to get the ball drilled up and add it to my arsenal plus I have a jersey to match!! Also, we have confirmed at least one practice session in which I’m going to be recorded, check rev rates, check fits on my bowling balls and get the balls properly fit as well. A great opportunity to get better but for me to see what I’m doing as well. More information to come on the practice but last night reminded me that I need some personal sessions! If anyone does have idea of how they would like to help my journey, shoot me an email at [email protected] or [email protected].

Well it was a tough night but something to grow from! I know I want better results and that 200 average NOW but it does take sometime and as of late I’ve had more success than failure. Plain and simple, nights like last night happen, but its how you adapt that truly matters. Thank you to those that had kind words to offer last night, it definitely helped.

Learn and move on and until next time… keep on rolling!

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